Pretty Young Johorian Mother Gets Nasty Comments From Trolls After Sharing Post-Birth Stretch Marks – Story Goes Viral GLOBALLY!

Last Thursday, Doreen Ching shared a picture of her stretch marks of her stomach after giving birth to quadruplets two years ago. Although the picture was difficult to look at, Doreen’s heartfelt caption of the photo has won many people’s hearts online. She said many mothers asked her how did she eliminate the stretch mark on her stomach after giving birth to four babies. To that, she responded with the picture and told her followers that albeit they couldn’t see her stretch mark on her normal photos, once they got the opportunity to get up close and witness the scars that stained all over her stomach, they would be terrified.  “Only 21 at the time, I wondered how I would be able to accept my stomach looking like this for the rest of my life.

“The first thing I did after leaving the delivery room was to look at my stomach and cry.”
The 23-year-old mother who sells beauty product online thought of undergoing laser treatment but she said that her condition is beyond horrendous. “The tears on my skin are very serious.” She lamented that no matter how much money one has, it’s impossible to eliminate these scars. Any laser treatment is futile, she added.
“That is the price (of being a mother)
“Just like that, the scars will follow me forever. I look at them every day. I touch them every day. “When I was pregnant, everyone assured me that the stretch marks would heal. “It’s been two years since the delivery, why are they still the same?” Doreen cried.
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The Johorian mother-of-four ended the post stating that mother is the hardest occupation in this world and tagged her husband, Toh Yang Ming, asking for her stomach back facetiously as she added four worried face emojis. At the time of writing, the post was liked over 23,000 times and shared over 12,000 times. The comments netizens left were mostly encouraging and supportive. Among them, one wrote: “I admire your courage, for sharing this and talking about your feelings. Personally, I think these marks are no flaw or blemish but only enhance beauty, making it more real. “You have my utmost respect and admiration.” Although there is a lot of positivity and support behind Doreen, there is also a noticeable amount of online trolls leaving nasty remarks on her post. After reading some of them, Doreen posted a follow-up to set the record straight.
“Many told me I looked ugly and disgusting, and that they wanted to vomit. Some men said it was all the women’s fault for wanting to have so many kids.”
She pleaded the trolls to respect all the women in the world. She said their mothers and wives are all women, adding that some women not just have to work, they have to carry babies too. She challenged the trolls if that is something they could do as well. The body-positive and women empowering message from Doreen has influenced the world within days. Little did Doreen know that her humble posts that she shared with her Facebook friends and followers would reach global headlines. Yes, global!  The Dailymail UK, Yahoo!, Metro, Unilad, Boredpanda (English); AppleDaily Taiwan, ET Today (Chinese); Hurriyet (Turkish); Der Bund (Germany); Lost Bird (Vietnam); Casos Interessantes (Portuguese); Tribun News, Free Malaysia Today (Malay)… the list goes on and on. All these major news portals wrote the story about Doreen’s journey. Her story went viral internationally!
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Source: Facebook

Doreen is overwhelmed by the response. Over the past few days, she has been sharing the news written in various language about her journey and netizens all over the world have flooded in her comment sections to support her. According to Daily Star UK, Doreen’s four kids are now two-year-old, named Jensen, Jayden, Jasper and Jazreel. “My husband and I were expecting twins, it was a huge shock when I realized I was going to have quads.
“It’s very difficult, but I have the help of my family members around me. Some people say a multiple births means you get it all done at once but four children means four times the stress.
“All four of my kids have different personalities, but they’re all very energetic and that is hard,” shared the beautiful mother.   What an inspiring and brave mother to share her biggest “flaw” and inspired thousands of mothers out there. We wish Doreen and her four kids the best!  Share this post with your friends and family to let them know that a mother’s love worth every respect and appreciation every single day. Photos: Doreen Ching’s Facebook & Instagram

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    You are beautiful n yr children are a blessing

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