Prime Minister Ismail Sabri : RM1000 For Each Household Hit By Floods , Public Holiday & RM 100 Million To Repair The Homes & Infrastructure

The government will provide RM100 million for the repair of homes and infrastructure affected by floods, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said today.

He said the government was aware of the extent of damage caused by the ongoing massive floods that had hit several states.

As such, the government will contribute RM1,000 for each household affected by floods, he added after chairing a special meeting on plans and actions to be taken to manage the floods.

The prime minister also announced a public holiday tomorrow for all civil servants affected by the floods which have swept the country over the past two days.

Ismail also advised companies to give their affected employees paid leave, without deducting their annual leave or salary.

Nearly 21,000 flood victims have been evacuated to relief centres throughout the country.

In addition, Bantuan Wang Ihsan payments, which were increased from RM500 to RM1,000 per household in September, will be expedited to help those affected by the disaster.

Ismail said a RM50 million disbursement to the National Disaster Relief Trust Fund (KWABBN) will be expedited to ensure the continuity of aid to households affected by the floods.

He said he had also ordered the finance ministry to ensure banking institutions were ready to offer payment assistance programmes for borrowers affected by the floods.

He said he had been reviewing rescue operations around Selangor and visiting flood victims housed at the state’s temporary relief centres over the course of last night and this morning.

He said he would also ensure these centres had adequate equipment and basic necessities such as toilets, face masks and food for the flood victims.

“At least one doctor and one nurse will be stationed at each of these centres to ensure the health of the flood victims,” he said.

Just as many have taken to ask for help on social media, saying they have not eaten or had drinking water for over 24 hours even as water utility company Air Selangor announced cuts to piped water supply affecting over 470 areas in the Klang Valley due to the forced shutdown of two treatment plants damaged by floods and the partial closure of a third plant.

The PM said his government at the federal level will work with the state governments to provide aid to flood-hit citizens.

“I have ordered the Finance Ministry to ready banking institutions to offer payment aid to borrowers affected by the flood,” he tweeted.

He said he will ensure evacuation centres have sufficient basic amenities, face masks, and food for those sheltering within.

He added that at least one doctor and a nurse will be placed at the evacuation centres to attend to the displaced people and carry out Covid-19 tests to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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