Professor Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong : Your Palembang Sultan Award & All Your Other Title Is Not Fake ?

Malindo Chairman Is Using Fake Dato Sri , Professor , Dr & Royalty Blood Title To Manipulate The Public , Educational Institution & Insulting Our Monarchy

Dear Professor Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong

  1. Which Malaysia Monarchy Awarded You Your Dato & Dato Sri Title?
  2. Which University Awarded You The Real Professorship Title?
  3. Which University Awarded You Your PHD ‘Dr’ Title?

We are not making an allegations. We are just merely asking a question. Do you mind providing the evidence for all your title and awards?

Council of Datuks wants heavier punishment for those with fake titles

A council of Datuks has urged authorities to use stiffer laws passed recently to punish individuals using unaccredited or fake titles.

The Council of Federal Datuks in Malaysia (MDPM) asked why enhanced provisions under the amended Emblems Act 1963 (Act 414) or the Offences Relating to Awards Act 2017 (Act 787) were not being used to charge offenders.

It said individuals found guilty of misrepresentation were only given a “slap on the wrist” with minimum punishment.

He said such scams had reflected negatively on people with genuine titles.

“We appeal to the authorities to consider Act 787 with its subsections and the enhanced penalties under Act 414 to charge those creating their own Dato or Datuk title to cheat and deceive the public for financial gain and social standing,” Razak said.

Under Act 787, he said, an offender may be sentenced to a maximum 20 years’ in jail or fined up to RM500,000, upon conviction.

The Act also prohibits the use of credentials awarded to Malaysians from other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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