Raging Wife Mercilessly Beats Up And Strips Husband & Mistress In Starbucks

Recently, StompSg shared a viral video featuring a legal wife violently attacking and stripping her husband’s mistress at Starbucks Coffee.  In the shocking video, the wife can be seen woman confronting the mistress and is sitting on top of her to stop her from moving.

She says to the onlooking crowd, “Look at this adulterous woman. She’s messing around with someone’s husband”. She then shouts at the woman, “Your mum is slutty too right? That’s why you’re born a slut”.

In the video, a man in a white T-shirt, presumably her husband is trying to intervene. The angry wife ignores her husband and continues to sit on the woman and attack her viciously.

At one point the wife even strips the mistress to shame her in public. Her daughter is standing next to her crying and calling for her but still nothing changed her mind. She went on attacking the mistress repeatedly. 

Although netizens are saying that this incident happened at a shopping mall in Singapore, StompSg can’t confirm this for now. Here’s the shocking video below:


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