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Realistic New Year’s Resolution: Take Out RM1s and RM5s in Your Wallet As Saving Everyday

When we were kids, one of the earliest virtues our parents had taught us is to learn how to save money. Back then, a penny saved was truly a penny earned. Our pocket money could rack up to RM50 over a few months so that we could get ourselves a new toy.

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We were so good at being frugal. What went wrong? Did we lose our patience or are there too many distractions as we grow older?

Joe Najib, an active socio-political speaker on Facebook reminded us the prudent virtue. He pulls out every RM1 and RM5 he finds in his wallet every day for a full year. By the end of the year, he has saved up a total of RM3,900 effortlessly.

Joe shared his journey’s finale on Facebook last December. His fun and seamless saving plan is something he practices every day and some of his followers were able to pick up this routine too.

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In his post, he said RM3,900 is a small amount, but to many, it’s a 10% downpayment for a small Perodua or Proton, it’s enough to buy a high-end smartphone—it’s many Malaysians’ one month salary.

“As for me, it’s my year-end holiday funds, as usual,” Joe added.

He encouraged netizens to pick up the effortless saving routine as the near year begins. It could be a realistic New Year’s resolution for you.

Joe concluded that even if you failed to pull through the whole year, somewhere along the way, you would be benefited from it too.

“If you can’t hold on to it for a year, you’ll be surprised how much you have at the end of every month for shopping, or the end of every week for a good meal out.”

Don’t hesitate, guys. Take out your RM1s and RM5s in your purse or wallet now and set them aside. It’s time to save for a rainy day this 2018!

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1 Comment

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