Reuters : The 1MDB Scandal Timeline That Led To Najib’s Arrest

Here’s a timeline of developments at 1MDB:



Three months after taking over as prime minister, Najib launches the 1MDB sovereign fund to invest in energy, real estate and other industries.



1MDB, with debt burdens rising, misses a loan payment of about US$550 million (RM2.2 billion).


Malaysia forms special taskforce — including officials from central bank, police, anti-grant agency and the attorney general’s chambers — to look into 1MDB.


The Wall Street Journal reports nearly US$700 million of 1MDB money went into Najib’s personal bank account.


Malaysia’s anti-graft agency says the money deposited into Najib’s account was a donation, not from 1MDB.

Swiss authorities open criminal proceedings linked to 1MDB, saying the case involves suspected corruption of public foreign officials, dishonest management of public interests and money laundering.



Malaysia’s attorney general clears Najib of any wrongdoing, saying US$681 million in Najib’s account was a donation from a member of the Saudi royal family and that Najib had returned US$620 million in a few months.

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A Malaysian parliamentary inquiry team slams the board of 1MDB for being irresponsible and urges a probe into its former chief. 1MDB board resigns.


The US Department of Justice files civil lawsuits seeking to seize assets bought with money allegedly stolen from 1MDB, saying that over US$3.5 billion was misappropriated from the fund.

The lawsuits say US$681 million from a 2013 bond sale by 1MDB was transferred to the account of “Malaysian Official 1”, whom US and Malaysian officials later identify as Najib.



Red Granite, the company behind the 2013 film, The Wolf of Wall Street, agrees to pay the US government US$60 million to settle a civil lawsuit that sought to seize assets allegedly bought with money stolen from 1MDB.


The Justice Department says more than US$4.5 billion was siphoned from 1MDB by high-level fund officials and their associates.


US Justice Department says conducting a criminal probe into 1MDB.


The US attorney general describes the 1MDB scandal as “kleptocracy at its worst”.



Najib unexpectedly loses election to Mahathir, who immediately reopens probe into 1MDB.

Authorities bar Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, from leaving the country. The couple’s houses are subject to police investigations and Najib gives a statement to anti-graft agency.


Prime Minister Dr Mahathir says embezzlement and bribery with government money are among the charges that Malaysia is looking to bring against Najib. He also says investigators have an “almost perfect case” against the former leader.

Police say nearly US$275 million of assets found at properties linked to Najib, including 12,000 pieces of jewellery, more than 500 handbags, more than 400 watches and nearly US$30 million in cash.

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Authorities say bank accounts belonging to Najib’s political party frozen as part of 1MDB probe.


Authorities say over 400 bank accounts frozen, including those of 81 individuals and 55 companies believed to have received funds from 1MDB.

Authorities arrest Najib. — Reuters

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