Saudi Man Offered Money to Cleaner – Not Knowing He is Actually A Millionaire

A story was circulating on Facebook about this Saudi man in Haram Makkah, who offered a cleaner some money as sadka (giving voluntarily in the name of God), but surprised that the man declined his offer, and showed him the countless bank cards that he has. Untitled Further investigation revealed that the cleaner is actually a multi-millionaire, who owned many hotels and properties in India! He has a habit of going to Haram Makkah and volunteer as a cleaner every six months!


A resident of Makka, after finishing his namaz in masjid ul Haram, approached the one of the Haram’s cleaners, offered him a few rials as sadaqa and said: “Take it, my friend…” The cleaner smiled, took out his wallet and said to the Saudi man:”Look at my wallet!” The wallet was bursting with the bank cards… He politely thanked the Saudi man and said: ” I’m in no need of sadaqa.” The Saudi man, still in shock, asked the Indian cleaner: “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Indian said:”By Allah’s will, I’m the owner of the chain of hotels in India. From time to time I seek working visa to work in masjid ul Haram so I could be a servant in Allah’s house by day and by night, asking my Rabb to accept my good deeds that I’m doing only for the sake of His Noble Face. Saudi man went on and asked the other Indian cleaners who was that man. They replied that the man he’s enquiring about is the multimillionaire from India.

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