Selangor Paralyzed With High Pandemic Infection & Death Cases : Azmin Ali Sabotaging Selangor? – Selangor Factory Clusters

Azmin Ali continues his treacherous behavior!

This time he continued to give many approvals to factories in Selangor. He wants Selangor paralyzed with high Covid-19 infection and death cases.

Azmin has a grudge against Selangor. Since becoming the mastermind of the Sheraton Steps and seizing the Sabah government, his ambitions have still failed in Selangor. While he is a former MB, and that makes him very upset.

Azmin knows many factories in Selangor. With the excuse of wanting to ensure “economic activity continues to exist”, then as many factory approvals are given in Selangor.

Many experts claim that 80 percent of the spread of Covid-19 in Selangor is due to factory clusters. But Azmin tried to deny and lie. It is said that it has existed in society and the cause is unknown, or referred to as a “sporadic” case.

He does not want his evil intentions kantoi. But people know, it is impossible to have many sporadic cases if it does not originate from the factory.

At this point, he wants the people to be angry. If it can anger the Selangor government, even though in fact the Selangor state government does not have the power to approve factory operating licenses. All the power is in the hands of Azmin.

Such tactics of sabotage and envy are indeed the nature of Azmin. Only this time he himself is entangled with a strategy to cripple Selangor. Natizen is not stupid and is aware that Azmin deliberately did so with some purpose.

The first as seen now is to want the lives of the people of Selangor to be damned. Later, Azmin also hopes that if the case is very high and out of control, he will have the opportunity to be a hero of the people by revoking all factory operating licenses.

This accident is caused by Azmin and he also wants to solve it. Such is the evil of a man named Azmin Ali!

A traitor will not see the interests of the people or the factory, because he has tricks for his own interests only.

People like Azmin need to be punished. There is only one way to save Selangor, which is to overthrow the current PN government. After that, Azmin Azmin’s political career also needs to be eliminated in the next general election.

Inshaallah Selangor and Malaysia will be safe.

ZAINAL RASHID RAHMAT- Sacred Valley (7/7/21)

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