Several UMNO MPs Lodge Police Reports To Insist That They Do Not Support Anwar To Be Prime Minister

Several Umno MPs have started lodging police reports to deny accusations that they are supporting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

They have resorted to lodging police reports as their names are on the list of MPs being spread on social media, alleging they support Mr Anwar’s claim that he has a “formidable” group of MPs behind him to topple the government of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Some of these MPs had already issued statements denying any involvement on the plot by Mr Anwar, but they felt the need to lodge complaints with the police just before Mr Anwar is scheduled to meet the Malaysian King on Tuesday to present his list of MPs.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin, who came to power seven months ago in a major realignment of MPs, has the support of 113 MPs in the 222-seat Parliament at the last count. This is just two more than the minimum 111 needed to pass Bills and stave off a no-confidence motion against him.

There has been widespread speculation in the last two weeks since Mr Anwar’s claim, that he has the support of 120 or 121 federal lawmakers.

Mr Anwar has been coy about who actually are on his list, saying he must first show it to Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin.

His claim gained credence after Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he knew “many” Umno legislators support Mr Anwar, but that the party is powerless to stop them. Umno has 38 MPs, the second biggest number held by a single party in Parliament after the 42 seats held by the opposition Democratic Action Party.

Umno MP Shahidan Kassim from Perlis said he has directed his aide to lodge a police report on his behalf as he is under self-quarantine at home.

“I am surprised my name is on the list of MPs allegedly supporting Anwar as nobody had called or approached me,” he said when contacted yesterday.

“I asked my aide to lodge a police report on my behalf recently as I have voluntarily put myself under extended self-quarantine while awaiting the third Covid-19 test result although the first two tests returned negative,” he said.

Mr Shahidan said he is a party man, and he would follow only Umno’s decision on who to support.

“My party is Barisan Nasional, Muafakat Nasional, and currently Perikatan Nasional as Umno MPs are holding Cabinet posts. If Umno no longer supported Perikatan, its MPs would not be holding Cabinet posts,” he said.

Mr Shahidan said it was irresponsible of Mr Anwar to use the media to stake the claim that he had the majority to form a new government.

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“If he had the numbers, he should prove it in Parliament or present it before the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King),” the veteran MP said. “Why make a pre-emptive announcement in the media, triggering the perception of political instability?” he added.

Pahang MP Ahmad Nazlan Idris has also lodged a police report denying he had endorsed any statutory declaration supporting Mr Anwar as the next Prime Minister.

Datuk Ahmad Nazlan said neither Mr Anwar nor his representative had ever approached him to discuss the matter. “Claims that I support Anwar are not true,” he said.

Of the list of 121 MPs allegedly supporting Mr Anwar, 22 are from Umno. Fifteen of these have openly denied supporting him.

Source : Straits Times

Umno MPs lodge police reports, deny supporting Anwar as next PM

Police reports lodged days before Anwar audience with Agong on Oct 13, 2020

Umno MPs started lodging police reports denying they suppor Anwar as next PM

Resorted to police reports as their names on list allegedly supporting Anwar

Arau MP Shahidan Kassim lodge police report

“I am surprised my name on the list nobody called or approached me,” he said

Shahidan said no choice but to lodge police report

Shahidan said he was a party man, and he would only follow party’s decision.

My party is BN, MN and currently PN as Umno MPs holdCabinet posts

If Umno no longer supports PN its MPs cannot hold Cabinet posts he said

Shahidan said irresponsible of Anwar to use media to claim majority

If he had numbers, prove it in Parliament or present to Agong

Why make pre-emptive announcement triggering political instability?

Political instability could adversely affect investor confidence he said.

Shahidan said M’sia could not afford political instability

Jerantut MP Ahmad Nazlan lodged police report denying SD supporting Anwar

said neither Anwar nor his reps ever approached him

“Claims that I support Anwar are not true,” he said.

on list of 121 MPs allegedly supporting Anwar, 22 are from Umno

However, 15 Umno MPs openly denied supporting Anwar

(OSTB : So 22 – 15 = 7 only left).

Umno MPs outright denials :

Mahdzir Khalid (Padang Terap)
Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (Putrajaya)
Idris Jusoh (Besut)
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Pasir Salak)
Noh Omar (Tanjong Karang)
Ahmad Maslan (Pontian)

Other Umno MPs denied supporting Anwar are

Bung Moktar Radin (Kinabatangan)
Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub (Machang)
Mohd Nizar Zakaria (Parit)
Hasbullah Osman (Gerik)
Hasan Arifin (Rompin)
Ramli Mohd Nor (Cameron Highlands)
Mohamad Alamin (Kimanis)

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My comments :

  1. Our local media did not ask the simple question “Why make police reports? Why not just make a Press Statement?”

Well a Police Report has some legal bearing. It is a cheapo type of Statutory Declaration (sort of). It is a legal statement. Meaning it is more serious. But the question remains why go to the extent of wanting to be so serious about denying support for Brader Anwar?

Well it is a loud political statement which says “I cannot be bought.”

Ok here is my take.

  1. The increasing number of Police Reports by UMNO MPs clearly means that UMNO is not in agreement with lame duck president Zahid Hamidid’s stunt.

And do not be mistaken. UMNO is not split. There is no split in the party at all.

It is simply lame duck Zahid versus the rest of UMNO.

Why? Because everyone can see that Zahid’s 47 criminal charges in Court for CBT, corruption etc are drawing to a close. Zahid is obviously getting desperate. A change in government with his old beloved as PM will certainly not be a disadvantage to Zahid. So Zahid is a desperate man. I think most of the UMNO MPs are well aware of this. It is rudimentary.

  1. The 15 out of 22 UMNO MPs who have openly denied supporting Brader Anwar (thereby pouring ice on this premature ejaculata and also making the audience with the Agong seem quite frivolous) also represent those who are aligned with UMNO deputy president Muhammad Hassan or Tok Mat.

This blunder by Brader Anwar further isolates Zahid Hamidi within UMNO, establishes a clear headcount of those who disagree with lameduck Zahid and also strengthens Tok Mat’s position as the future president of UMNO. So the winner here will be Tok Mat. The loser will be Zahid Hamidi.

  1. Then it also strengthens Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s position not only as Prime Minister but also consolidates his position as Chairman of the Perikatan Nasional. After this caper by Brader Anwar, Muhyiddin becomes more mega.
  2. Brader Anwar cannot pull off this stunt without both the DAPs 42 MPs and UMNOs 39 (?) MPs to tally up to his (supposedly) 122 MPs.

Well, to begin with only 22 of 39 UMNO MPs were on that list. This means 17 UMNO MPs never supported Anwar from Day 1.

Now out of those supposed 22 MPs, 15 of them have also denied supporting Brader Anwar. This means 32 out of 39 UMNO MPs are not in the head count.

And we do not know where those remaining SEVEN UMNO MPs really stand.

  1. Anyway, if UMNO were to gang up with the DAP to support Brader Anwar’s coup, UMNO will come across as Munafik Al Wahid or No. 1 Hypocrite.
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UMNO will completely lose the Malay vote. Because UMNO has made a career out of demonising “DAPigs”, DAP komunis, DAP Cina and all sorts of other racist and seditious crap.

The same thing with the DAP. If the DAP works with UMNO – in any form or type of relationship – the DAP will lose the Chinese vote almost completely. The Chinese will have no choice then but to vote for Syed Akbar Ali. (Just kidding.)

So an UMNO – DAP collaboration at this point in time will be quite disastrous for both these parties wrt their traditional support base. It would be like the Ku Klux Klan and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam suddenly striking up a homosexual relationship.

(An UMNO – DAP collaboration is not impossible but the right ingredients have to be in place – with concessions by and acceptances from both UMNO and the DAP. Perhaps in the future.)

  1. Lastly the following two lines also say something else :

Jerantut MP Ahmad Nazlan said “nobody called or approached me”
Arau MP Shahidan said “neither Anwar nor his reps ever approached him”
So 15 out of those 22 UMNO MPs on that list have denied outright that they support Brader Anwar for PM. Some of them have said they have no idea what was going on because they have not even been approached by Anwar or any of his representatives.

Since Zahid Hamidi was the earliest (within a few hours) to endorse Brader Anwar’s famous Press Conference it clearly indicates that Zahid Hamidi acted in cahoots with Brader Anwar WITHOUT consulting the UMNO MPs.

This was a Zahid – Anwar caper.

They were hoping that with the right weather conditions – they might just get lucky and pull it off. If they dont well an audience with the King is still good publicity.

MINUS THE 22 UMNO MPs, Brader Anwar has only 122 – 22 = 100 MPs.
He cannot form the government.
MINUS THE 42 DAP MPs, the tally will be only 58 MPs.
Brader Anwar cannot form the government.

So what is the audience all about? It shows a rather casual attitude towards the Istana and the King. I hope the YDP Agong and the Istana people are aware of this.

Source : Syed Akbar Ali

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