Sex-Toy Seller & Beauty Queen Gatita Yan Harassed by Perverted Customer

Sex-toy seller harassed by perverted customer

The sex-toy industry has expanded and flourished over the years, making it a booming business for anyone who participates in the now competitive market- considering the subject of sex is no longer taboo as it once used to be.

[caption id="attachment_6126" align="aligncenter" width="590"]huen Soon enough, this will be a common find at your local shopping mall[/caption]

Even outspoken women have begun to conduct business in the sex-toy industry, especially younger women who operate sex-toy stores online- however, these women are more prone to sexual harassments when compared to women in other industries.


One Malaysian teenager, famous for her beauty and for the wide selection of sex-toys in her online shop, has recently had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a raging-pervert.


Facebook user Tong Lee Yann who operates a sex-store through her Facebook profile, was approached by a customer who had the most peculiar and twisted of requests.

[caption id="attachment_6127" align="aligncenter" width="591"]Facebook user Tong Lee Yann sells sex-toys via Facebook Facebook user Tong Lee Yann sells sex-toys via Facebook[/caption]

The customer, identified only as Tony, made a request to purchase a vibrator egg from Lee via WeChat message. Like standard procedure, Lee arranged for the delivery of the product ordered and sent him her bank account for Tony to make his payment for the vibrator egg.

[caption id="attachment_6133" align="aligncenter" width="595"]Lee, who is a prime example of Malaysian beauty, is no stranger to harassments- but this one took home gold for being the most peculiar Lee, who is a prime example of Malaysian beauty, is no stranger to harassments- but this incident took home gold for being the most peculiar[/caption]

However, she was greeted instead with harassment when the customer asked her for a ‘special order’ of sorts.

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The customer began asking her if she had previously used the vibrator egg before. When she ignored his perverted queries, he pressed on and asked if she could send him a vibrator egg that has been used specifically by her, and that she used it once more before sending him the vibrator egg.

[caption id="attachment_6128" align="aligncenter" width="337"]B: I find you and take ok? G: only meet at Setia Alam B: When are you free? G: Which type of cup do you want? G: Do you know Setia Alam? B: A while i let you know. I know Selangor? B: Do you use the vibrate ball before? I want it too Customer: You set the location for the meetup and i’ll come to you to pick it up. Ok?
Lee: I can only meet around the Setia Alam area
Customer: When can we meet?
Lee: Which type of cup do you want?
Lee: Do you know where Setia Alam is?
Customer: I’ll let you know in a bit. Is it in Selangor?
Customer: Have you ever used the vibrator before? I want one that’s been used by you before.[/caption]

The hormone-driven pervert of a customer even requested Lee to not wash nor clean the vibrator egg before delivering it to him, saying that he wanted her ‘scent’ on it when he receives the sex toy.

[caption id="attachment_6129" align="aligncenter" width="337"]B: En, The vibrate ball you used before? The day before we meet can you use it again? And don't wash it. G: *Bank Account* G: Once you bank in tell me thank you. B: En Okay B: And does the vibrate ball you used before? B: I want you use before one G: Once you bank in tell me thank you. Customer: Eh, have you ever used the vibrator before? Before we meet up, can you use it again? And don’t wash it.
Lee: *Sends Bank Account Number*
Lee: Please notify me once you bank in the payment
Customer: Okay
Customer: Have you used the vibrator before?
Customer: I want one that’s been used by you before
Lee: Please notify me once you bank in the payment[/caption]

Lee who was used to this sort of harassment while conducting business with customers of her shop, continued to ignore his perverted requests but became annoyed after he kept pressing her with his ‘special’ requests.

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She decided to teach the unrelenting pervert of a customer a lesson he would never forget and posted screenshots of her conversation with him in WeChat to her Facebook profile that is followed by over 80, 000 Facebook users.

[caption id="attachment_6130" align="aligncenter" width="507"]Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 4.07.01 PM A screen capture of Lee’s post on her Facebook profile[/caption]

The perverted customer, identified only as Tony, is reported to be from Penang.

[caption id="attachment_6131" align="aligncenter" width="539"]44 A picture of Tony, the perverted customer, in an image posted online by Lee on her Facebook profile[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6132" align="aligncenter" width="539"]33 Tony seems to be a chef of sorts, considering the caption for his photo, assuming that he works in a kitchen[/caption] This incident was rather hilarious considering how the customer’s perverted requests backfired onto himself. Keep in mind that people that sell sex-toys are not necessarily nymphomaniacs with weird fetishes- and that you should always treat them with as much respect as you treat others. 1512166_1752706958326811_9119542139516043655_o

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