Malaysian Girl's Was Forced To Jump Out Of Her Taxi - The Coverage

Malaysian Girl’s Was Forced To Jump Out Of Her Taxi

Picture Source : Singapore Seen

Picture Source : Singapore Seen

Taking a cab these days is nothing out of the ordinary. Many people, especially those from KL, frequently take cabs to travel around KL.

However, we always hear cautionary tales of kidnapping and rape from concerned parents, friends or relatives whenever we even mention the thought of grabbing a cab. With that, women, especially young women, are advised by many to not take cabs alone, out of fear of them becoming a victim.

Most women laugh at the thought of such warnings and claim that they will be fine and that nothing will happen to them. They always say that it’s unlikely that there are any sex-crazed lunatic taxi drivers in Malaysia.

Turns out, those old wives’ tales really aren’t just a result of overthinking.

A young woman in Malaysia was forced to jump out of the taxi she was on mid-journey, to save herself, after the cabby driver allegedly tried to drive her to an unknown destination.

Apple Choy (Yes, she’s named after a fruit. Don’t ask us why. We will never know), who has nearly 5,000 friends and over 2,500 followers on Facebook is someone with a considerable popularity on social media. She shared her close encounter on Facebook to spread awareness to young women like her frequently use cabs.

Though the post is short, you can roughly get the gist of what happened. We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

“Only now do I know you can dial 999 to call the police.

“Just now, I was driven to goodness knows where by a taxi.

“I quickly told him to stop and jumped out of the vehicle by the roadside.

“The driver even kept pulling me here and there, and told me to get onto his taxi.

“Fortunately, I met a passer-by who helped me.”

Pic Source : Singapore Seen

Pic Source : Singapore Seen

Fortunately, she started to feel suspicious of the motives of the taxi driver when he began driving her to a secluded and dark area which she knew was not the route to where she was headed.

She immediately asked him to stop the cab and jumped out of the cab after he refused to stop.

The taxi driver even tried to pull her back in to the cab but fortunately, a passer-by helped her.

Details of the incident’s exact time and location remain unclear.

Viral Cham reported that the ‘beautiful young woman’ was being driven to a construction site and urged other women not to board a taxi alone.

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