Shocking : Criminal Syndicate Sells Fake Malaysian Passport To Smuggle People Into Australia – Fake Identity Which Will Only Cost Them As Little As RM3,849!

Photo for illustration purpose only | Source: Berita Trans According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, Malaysia passport holders enjoy a smoother journey into the country and the entry process has been labeled as ‘the lightest touch’ compared to other countries. Source: ABNA Due to this reason, criminal syndicates are taking advantage of it and have been using counterfeiting networks in Malaysia to bring illegals immigrants into Australia and exploiting the cozy international relationship between the two countries. ABC News reported that, during an investigation, it has been discovered that human traffickers have helped illegal immigrants from other countries to get fake Malaysian identities and enter Australia easily. The news agency reported that they met with a Vietnamese man who has been staying in Malaysia for the past five months. He reportedly told them about his ordeal of waiting for all the documents that will allow him to enter Australia. He added that he had been trapped in a hotel room with 37 other Vietnamese who were promised that they would arrive in Australia safely with a job. Source: ABC News The report mentioned,

“It is believed the number of Malaysian unlawful non-citizens has almost doubled since 2015. The Australian Border Force said that the total number of overstayers has remained ‘relatively static’ at about 63,000.”
If you’re wondering how much does one need to pay to get a fake Malaysia passport, the report states that anyone within the ASEAN region would only need to travel to Malaysia and apply for their fake identity which will only cost them as little as RM3,849!
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One of the reasons why Malaysians can enter Australia so easily is the ability to apply for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) online which is exclusive to eight countries in the world. The report also stated that the authorities are working closely with Putrajaya to prevent further exploitation of the relationship between the two countries and stop people from using fake Malaysian passports to enter Australia. One of these methods includes hiring Airline Liaison Officers in Malaysia who will keep an eye on flights going to Australia. These officers are ‘highly skilled in document examination, impostor detection, and passenger assessment’. Source: The Phnom Penh Post You can also help out by reporting any suspicious activities in airports! Let’s not tarnish our relationship with Australia and other countries! Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below! (Source: WOB / ABC News)

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