While we are always in the loop of what’s the latest news of Korean idols, like when is the latest girl/boy group debuting? Who is the hottest k-idol on the net? When is BigBang going to release their new album? and so on. It’s not always paradise in the K-Pop world, and some of their scandals, well let’s just say it comes off as a complete shocker!

Here’s a list of the most scandalous events that had took place in Korea over the years :

15. Jay Park leaving 2pm back in 2010.


Korean idols are well-known for enduring long and painful training period, before and after debuting. So, showing tantrums, though quite rare, its bound to happen. Jay Park was a victim of his own words thrown onto the net when ,after 4 years of debut, someone had an itchy butt crack to dig in his Myspace account for some dirt.


It wasn’t the smartest move of a trainee, but who can 100% blame him for the discomfort that he was put through in foreign country.

Things blew out of proportion when, k-netizens, amplified the issue and causing him to be forced out of the group and the company. Though months later, these same fans, wished he would come back. Luckily for the fans, he did come back and even more glorious than before but under another label and as a solo.


14. Daesung from Big Bang tragic accident.


In 2011, Daesung got into a terrible accident on a 8-lane highway, which caused a life of a motorcyclist. Though initially it was suspected that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, but it turned out that the deceased motorcyclist was the one driving under the influence.

In the accident, it was reported that Daesung had rammed the behind of a taxi and then ran over the motorcyclist that was already on the floor at that time. He was utterly shock over the incident and probably has scarred him for the rest of his life. Even though initially despising the idol, the family of the deceased man came to terms and accepted his apology and even gave him a few kind words that encouraged him to continue his work in the K-world.



13. U-Kiss’s Soohyun and 2am’s Jo Kwon’s Intimate Relationship.


Koreans are not as open minded as we have thought. Homosexuality have always been an open topic in Korea however not openly accepted. Things spurred out when intimate messages between Jo Kwon and Soohyun leaked out on to the net.

The letters revealed they had desires to eat, sleep, live and lay together. Come on, people have you not know that Korean Idols are always very affectionate to one another, and their bromance games are very strong?? Jo Kwon, quickly shut down the rumours and claimed that they two of them often joke around like that.

But needless to say, these two are cute together!



12. Kris, Luhan and Tao Leaves EXO and SM.

Discrimination of their different origins caused them to leave the ever-growing popular boy group, EXO. They then filed law suits against their agency over contract dispute. Though Kris and Luhan managed to score some points but Tao on the other hand had gained nothing in return.


Poor management of the agency? Or just self-praised idols trying to push their luck? You be the judge of that while let’s enjoy the music released by their remaining members.


11. T-ARA Bullying Scandal.

It became a heated topic when netizens found possible pieces of evidence to their claims that older members of T-ara bullied the newcomer. Many agreed with the bullying while others stood loyally behind T-ara. The controversy, however, led to Hwayoung leaving the group soon after. Take a look below, and tell us what do you think? Was it really bullying or just a mere coincidence of events?

Hyomin was seen poking Hwayoung’s face.


Jiyeon ignores Hwayoung and high-fives the rest of the members.


Acorn in a dog’s bowl gift from Jiyeon that symbolises an outcast.


Boram breaks Hwayoung’s umbrella during “Idol Olympics”.


Hwayoung left alone again during KBS TV show “Star Life Theatre”.


In another scene, group members were busy cooking dumplings for everyone in the group but decided to skip on Hwayoung’s portion as they claimed that it will overflow.


Jiyeon made fun of Hwayoung not receiving any votes in the popularity poll.

“I won first place in a popularity poll, so I’m sharing this picture~Oh, and Hwayoung got 0 votes haha. Our poor Hwayoung…keke.”


Jiyeon announced that Hwayoung was only reading a book because of the camera.

“It’s because of the camera. Wow, you’re really funny. I’ve never seen Hwayoung read a book while being in the same group.”


Eunjung even stuffed her Hwayoung’s mouth with rice cake.


But at the end of it all, most of these claims were debunked with legit videos that showed what really happened. Probably, ‘someone’ really needed the attention from the public hence why they stirred up these stories.


1o. Bigbang Seungri’s Japan Sex Scandal.

Seungri went on a show to publicly talk about what had happened in his first ever one night stand. “It was my first scandal, but it was so big.” “I was a bit scared and shocked.”

Despite knowing about its publication, neither he or his company could do anything about it since it was already printed in the magazine.


9. Jessica Jung Leaves Girls Generation Or Was She Kicked Out?!

Many claimed that she left the group to pursue her fashion line and also as a solo artist but some others said that she was kicked out of the group for the same reasons. A prominent member of the Sone community that goes by the name of @RealSamchon said that she was never really fully into the group and to be a SNSD member you’d have to devote your soul to it.

Apparently, the “Divine” song was created and meant for her farewell.


8. IU & Eunhyuk’s Bedroom Photo.

IU came forward and announced that she had uploaded the picture by mistake. In the picture, IU was seen taking picture closely with the shirtless Super Junior star on what seems to be a bed. IU quickly apologised for stirring up the incident.

Though till now, there hasn’t been any proper release of statement as to why those two were in that situation in the first place.



7. 2NE1’s Park Bom Alleged Drug Smuggling.

On 12 October 2010, Park Bom tried to use international mail to smuggle in 82 pills of amphetamines from the United States but was caught by the customs at the Incheon International Airport. Despite she could have possibly be jailed at that time, the incident wasn’t even recorded as a case after it was confirmed that those pills were subscripted to her by the doctor, as she was a sickly person.




6. F(x) Sulli’s Love Scandal.

Though this one can’t be literally said as a scandal as Sulli was being very open with her relationship with lover Choiza. Initially both companies denied their relationship, but when Sulli’s purse got stollen, the contents of her personal item proved that the two love birds was in fact a couple.

What bugged most fans at that time, was the point where Sulli did not care about what her fans was thinking and just boasted her relationship on social media. Oh! Then there’s also the fact that they have like 14 years of age gap!

Some even said that after the rumours broke out, her performances has been on a downhill ride.





5. G-Dragon Marijuana Scandal.

When he was tested positive for marijuana usage in a country that strictly prohibits it,  this caused a great storm! Because of the incident, the superstar said, ” I cried a lot after that. It was a time where I was able to gather thoughts by myself and have time to self-reflect.” ” I started to lower myself from that high pedestal.”

Some even claimed that the whole incident was just to frame GD.




4. Actress Kim Min Hee and Film Director Hong Sang Soo Love Scandal.

The actress who is 22 years younger than the producer, was the first to express her love interest to the man who already had a daughter from his marriage. Her continues efforts ultimately stole his heart and basically snatched him away from his family.

Director Hong Sang Soo, announced to his family of the affair and had moved out from the household since then.

20160621001481_0 der-gewinner-des-goldenen-leoparden-regisseur-hong-sangsoo-und-darstellerin-kim-min-hee-am-samstag-beim-traditionellen-dinner-der-preistraeger-handout kim-min-hee_1466469888_af_org


3. Lee Ji Yeon & Lee Da Hee Blackmail Lee Byung Hun.

This is probably one of the most publicised controversies in the Korean history. The two female stars plotted a dramatic blackmailing scheme to cash in RM 22,011,250.00 from the man. The two however failed in attempt and faced a year worth of probation.




2. Kim Hyun Joong Domestic Abuse.

His ex-girlfriend accused the star for abusing her badly. Despite Hyun Joong took it to the public and announced his apologies and his ex-girlfriend pulled the case off, things did not end easily. His ex-girlfriend then came back with a shocking reveal of her pregnancy and the two kept going back and forth with the sues.

Amazingly after all that drama, somehow they ended up in joint custody over their child.




1.Park Yoochun Accused of Sexually Assaulting 5 Women.

5 women accused Park Yoochun for sexually assaulting them while they were working at an entertainment bar. The first report was dropped due to the police were unable to find proofs for the claim. But the authorities are still keeping a look out over the actor’s behaviour and is currently under investigations for condoning prostitiution.

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