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[SHOCKING] Now A Galaxy S7 Edge Has Allegedly Exploded!

If you thought Samsung’s problems would live and die by the Galaxy Note 7, you’d be sorely mistaken.

In yet more bad news for the tech giant, there are now news circulating of a Galaxy S7 Edge also exploding!

Yesterday, a S7 Edge user called Ashleigh Deakin shared a shocking picture of her phone on her Facebook page. Apparently, she witnessed her phone exploding right in front of her. Suprisingly, Ashleigh’s phone wasn’t on a charger or in use, it was just sitting on her desk!



So many disgruntled Samsung users commented that they will be switching to iPhone real soon.


This is not the first time reports of Galaxy S7 explosions have surfaced. A report last month alleged that a Galaxy S7 Edge exploded inside the pocket of Ohio resident Daniel Ramirez giving him second and third degree burns. Ramirez has even filed a lawsuit against Samsung, after he had to undergo a complicated skin graft surgery, and is now under extensive physical therapy.

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