Singapore: Former boyfriend impregnates then girlfriend while allegedly cheating on her - The Coverage

Singapore: Former boyfriend impregnates then girlfriend while allegedly cheating on her


Relationships are great when both partners don’t feel above neither below one another, they’re meant to be beside one another through the journey that is life. However in come cases like today’s story, one of the significant other decided that along the journey, he would like to stand by another but in today’s story, the partner had cheated on his significant other with another woman.



Recently, a Singaporean girl had posted and shared about her story on how her then boyfriend had impregnated her and while she was pregnant, he allegedly cheated on her. The Singaporean girl claimed that she’s currently 5 months pregnant and that her then boyfriend consistently manipulated her feelings with sweet and lovely words to keep her. While behind her back, he had given cheated on her with another woman.

The Facebook post has since been taken down by user herself that was originally posted on the 30th of March. It had also gone viral gaining over a thousand shares!

A screenshot of her original post,

She also shared a screenshot of text messages between her then boyfriend and her. He admitted having oral sex with the girl but never did any sexual intercourse with the girl because he “didn’t want any trouble”.


She had also allegedly spoken to the girl in which her then boyfriend had cheated on with.


“I’m saying this is because he really tooo much, got me pregnant and cheated on me and leave me without taking any responsibility for the child.” she also added. Users who saw the post gave sympathy and support to the Singaporean girl in the comment section while expressing their disgusted feelings for the then boyfriend.

This whole thing had been a tragic experience for the girl and even so that she now has to bear the child as a single mother. We wish her all the best and to all the women out there to always be careful with the men that you meet. Be with someone who is willing to wait and be patient, don’t let yourself be deceived by sweet and lovely words like she did.

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1 Comment

  1. Catherine

    January 4, 2019 at 21:12

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