Singapore: Husband explains that he chose to marry his wife because she's "Submissive" and more!

A HUSBAND EXPLAINS TO WHY HE CHOSE TO SETTLE DOWN SO EARLY IN LIFE WITH HIS WIFE. HIS ANSWER WITH REASONING IS BECAUSE SHE IS “SUBMISSIVE” AND MORE! In this day and age, the push for gender equality and feminism in society has seen many great breakthroughs. Besides, gender equality is a human right. Though it may be a human right, society still has a long way to go before it may eradicate that social gap based on gender in all aspects of life. With that, the term “Submissive wife” is a very dangerous term to use especially on social media where many people in today’s society are all trying to demand for equality. In general, it just drives people mad to look at the term. Today we present a story concerning that issue, but before you go all crazy, try to stay objective about the whole thing, read until the end and see if you would like to agree or disagree with the Facebook user’s view.   11062337_10152940893402663_5367644516207150764_n   Recently, a Facebook user by the name of Jerald Lie posted an essay long post about his reasons to settling down early with his “Submissive” wife and his idea on what love is in his relationship. He had posted it on the 16th of March and since then his post has gotten over a thousand shares!

This lady simply left me speechless.

Many of my friends actually came to me and asked “Jerald, why did you settle down so early?”

In my mind, I thought, “So early” is relative. 25 years old can be early to some, can be late to others. But to me, I find that the settling down at the age of 25 is perfect. The world will shift and align for a made up mind… 先成家,再立业 … settle down early and focus my energy on my business …

So let me share with you why I chose her…

She is a submissive wife. Wait a minute… before you think I’m MCP… let me clarify… she is someone who really knows how to take care of me. A wife who says that she wants to cook for me… (Majority of the ladies nowadays don’t bother with household chores or cook for their husband haha… no way… her mum brought her up well.) and bothers to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me. She gives me VIP treatment every day. That’s my ex-girlfriend. My current wife…

She is very willing is submit to me. A lot of people do not understand the power when she does that. The power of submission isn’t where you kowtow to someone or open the door for them. It is just submitting to a common mission where there is an absence of rebellion.

The mission we are in is to lead a prosperous, united and blissful family. She is wholeheartedly willing to let me be the head of the home and choose to play the most important role in my life (my neck). Unknowingly, when she chooses to submit to me, surprisingly, she has the power.

Allow me to explain with an example. When a mentor tries to impart what he knows to his mentee, if the mentee chooses to question everything he said, the mentor knows this person is not coachable. Simply because there is no trust and the mentee has not submitted to him.

On the other hand, if the mentee chooses to do whatever (except anything Illegal, Immoral, Unethical) the mentor says, the mentee has the power because the mentor will feel be even more obligated to help that mentee. So when my wife submits to be, all the more I will listen to her.

At the end of the day, men want respect (which he gets when a woman submits), women want love (they want the man to do whatever to make her happy) … Give love and you shall receive respect…

That’s why I turn down invitations to go drinking. I have got a good liquor tolerance because of my dad but I don’t like to drink. I prefer to stay home and not worry my loved one. I want to stay healthy and enjoy my wealth in the future.

I choose to spend that time with my wife. These are the ways I submit to her too because one of her “love languages” is TIME.

Take a look at this text sent by her!!

Always so sweet and take so much initiative to make me feel loved.

Btw, love is an action word. Not a noun!

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1618349_10153425121374599_8680806517403394827_o   He first starts off with stating that he chose to marry her because she’s a “submissive wife” but he then clarifies what he meant by “submissive”. She’s submissive in a way that she knows her position as a wife and allows her husband (The Facebook user) to be the man of the house, leading the family in the future and serving the husband in ways such as listening, advising and respecting him. He doesn’t just comment on how his wife is “submissive” but also explains and acknowledges his wife’s positive presence in his life. That while he is the head of the household, he cannot function without her as the neck that holds him up. In addition, he further justifies his reasoning by using an example to elaborate. Hovering on topics such as trust, respect and submission. He also explains what his views are on love, “At the end of the day, men want respect (which he gets when a woman submits), women want love (they want the man to do whatever to make her happy) … Give love and you shall receive respect…”. Lastly, he states that in their relationship while she may “submit” in her ways, he does too by spending quality time with her as it is her love language.   12828337_10153395028224599_595062721568492862_o   Of course, not everyone would share the same views along with him. In the comment section of his post, it has garnered both a good amount of positive praises and negative criticism. However one of the more neutral comments was this,many ppl here gotten the wrong idea of submission. im pretty sure this guy is not referring to the meaning of submission that comes from the dictionary but from the bible. In the bible, submisson just means giving respect and honor. nothing to do with domination or being lesser, just means respect” I believe that love is two way street with both partners giving and receiving. Everyone has a different concept of love and everyone loves their partners differently. There is no wrong nor right way to love somebody. As long as both partners are happy in their marriage and no one is harming the other, then all is well in their hands.  
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marriage   To end it off in my opinion, “submissive” may not have been the right word to coin his wife’s action but rather the word should have been “respectful”. In all, congrats to both Jerald Lie and his wife on their marriage, may God bless them and hope for a prosperous life together. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree with his point of view?

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