Singapore Straits Times : Najib Son Children of Asia's Richest Not Shy About Flaunting It - TOPS LIST OF HIGH-LIVING, JET-SETTING - The Coverage

Singapore Straits Times : Najib Son Children of Asia’s Richest Not Shy About Flaunting It – TOPS LIST OF HIGH-LIVING, JET-SETTING

They live their lives online, and are not shy about showing off their precious toys and presence at exotic places that most other people can only dream about. Meet the princelings and princesses of regional political and business leaders.

While in the past only their closest friends and family members got to see these lifestyles of the rich and famous, social media platforms now bring these bling bling images to everyone.

This gilded lifestyle became fodder for Malaysian newspapers two weeks ago, when they zoomed in on Ms Meera Alyanna Mukhriz, a granddaughter of the country’s former prime minister and now opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad.

The government-backed media showed her living what they said was a “celebrity lifestyle”, showing her wearing designer clothes, travelling on a yacht and holidaying abroad. She is the daughter of Mr Mukhriz Mahathir, former Kedah menteri besar who is also in the opposition today.

Apart from being easy prey for political attacks, these young people could perhaps also be more circumspect about what they show off to the public.

In Malaysia, where many Muslims are turning deeply conservative, Instagram pictures by TV personality Rozita Che Wan lightly kissing her husband Zain Saidin at Paris’ Eiffel Tower in 2014 and on Greece’s Mykonos island in 2016 led to dozens of angry comments. She said she had to block hundreds of these netizens from her account.

In Indonesia, a tweet in August of a picture of a Koenigsegg – a Swedish sports car – by a friend of local celebrity Raffi Ahmad described the car as Raffi’s new ride.

In response, a tweet from the account of the Directorate-General of Tax said: “Please inform Raffi to report on his annual tax filing if he has new asset.”

Here are some other children of prominent people who like to post on their eye-catching adventures.


Son Najib Razak

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai last week created a stir amid reports that several models had been denied entry into China.

One person unaffected was Mr Norashman Najib. The son of  Najib Razak had a seat at the show which featured models in scintillating lingerie.

He also posted a selfie with one of the models, Josephine Skriver.

His fashion show buddy? Singapore’s Kishin RK, heir of property giant RB Capital.

Ashman, as he is known to friends, is well known to social media users.

He frequently documents his love for music on Instagram.

Source : Straights Times

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