Singapore Womanizer 5-Timed Girl He Met On Tinder With 3 Other Girls And 1 Guy - The Coverage

Singapore Womanizer 5-Timed Girl He Met On Tinder With 3 Other Girls And 1 Guy

Every mother should teach their son to respect women from young and never play with their hearts or feelings. Girls are capable of doing things that even guys are afraid of when they’re mad, don’t look down on them!

Chloe Teo, a Singaporean social media influencer posted a very long account of her experiences with her ‘almost perfect’ boyfriend (at that time), Ashry Owyong Min, on the blogging site Dayre on December 27.

If you have some time to spare, you can read the full story at this link, but trust me, half an hour is not enough to process all the lies spouting from Ashry’s mouth.

Chloe’s post begins with “I got 5-timed”, hinting the drama that is to follow.

According to Chloe, she met Ashry on Tinder about a year ago, at that time, she was still with another guy. Ashry allegedly told her that he was going to Australia for a month as he claimed to be serving the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and that he was also involved in Special Operations Force missions from time to time.

Source: Dayre

During that particular month, Chloe and her now ex-boyfriend broke up and Ashry started contacting her again, but with a different number and they began dating.

She wrote,

“I wasn’t ready for anything, but him and I hit it off so well… even when we went for movie dates, he was so prim and proper.”

She learned of his ‘past’ where he claimed his ‘ex-girlfriend’ dumped him because she couldn’t accept his dreams of being in the special force.

They exchanged texts just like how every couple would,

“He would tell me about his day at work, how the army is treating him.

“Or even how he has reached home safe at home, and how much he has enjoyed his time with me.”

Source: Dayre

To Chloe, every minute spent with Ashry was magical, she was content with their private relationship, even when he told her “remove your Dayre posts..” she complied.

The couple then went on a trip to Boracay in the Philippines together and everything seemed perfect, or so Chloe thought.

Source: Dayre

“… the setting was so heart warming. I was on this romantic island with the man of my dreams.”

Source: Dayre

“He told me he’d hold my hand wherever I go, whichever step I take.”

Source: Dayre

While on the trip, Ashry allegedly took a video of Chloe for an Instagram story, which he later shared with her.

Believing that Ashry was ready to take the next step and make their relationship public, Chloe shared the video on her own Instagram, along with other photos of Ashry.

This was when things turn for the worse. After she posted the video and photos on her Insta stories, Chloe received a message from a woman claiming to be Ashry’s girlfriend.

Source: Dayre

When she confronted Ashry, he claimed that this girl was a “sister” and asked Chloe to deactivate her Instagram account.

“Omg you posted our photos and videos on your insta story?

“Omg I took us on insta story but I never posted. I save and deleted it.

“Please deactivate your Instagram, my sister is seriously being so annoying.”

Without suspecting anything, Chloe did as she was told immediately, however, there was a grain of doubt in the back of her mind.

“He held my hands in the plan after knowing I had my account deactivated and told me everything will be fine. The flight was so Long, I was so tired…. my skin was so burnt, eyes so hot from crying in my 2 hour bus ride to the airport, and yet my mind was running.

“Thinking over and over again. Just why, exactly why do I have to hide from his Sister. I’ve got to meet her some time soon. She has to accept me sooner or later, I’d rather clear the air with her.”

Chloe reactivated her account in hopes of clearing the air with Ashry’s “sister”. Instead, she insisted that she was really Ashry’s girlfriend.

Not believing a single word she said, she asked for proof that they were indeed a couple, and received a photo of her beloved Ashry being intimate with another woman.

Source: Dayre

It turns out that she was on a trip to Japan while Ashry and Chloe were in Boracay!

She felt her world crumbling down as they touched down in Singapore, when she confronted Ashry once again, he claimed that she was an ex and that she was a “psycho” who was still obsessed with him even though they had broken up.

In the meantime, she was also getting a lot of messages from other women who claimed they had dated Ashry before and he cheated on them.

Source: Dayre

Source: Dayre

In the four intimate months of their relationship, Ashry has mooched of Chloe financially.

“Throughout this 4 months I shared with him, I’ve subconsciously helped him book so many cab rides to and fro “his place” (sometimes it’ll be the girlfriends house lol) and though each trip was a mere $5/6, compiling them althogether made me realise how much money I’ve spent.”

Each time they went out for meals together, Chloe would always choose to go on Dutch, meaning she would split the bill every time!

He was also seeing several other women while he was dating Chloe,

“Told me he was with friends playing darts, Nope. He was with his other girlfriend on a date night…. what the hell, after he left my house just that afternoon comforting me because of all the truth I found out about.”

He also lied about going to school, but in fact, he went to Suntec for a date night with his other girlfriend.

There was even one instance where he lied about getting stuck in school and could only visit Chloe at 9 pm, but in truth, he was actually busy spending time with one of his other 3 girls.

To top it all off, Ashry was not only dating women, he was apparently dating a man while he was still together with Chloe!

“Even him and I haven’t taken photos like that. Surely you could tell me yourself what you think of their relationship? I confronted Ashry and he told me that they were just good friends… really???”

Source: Dayre

Source: Dayre

Source: Dayre

Source: Dayre

Source: Dayre

He even lied about his past involvement in a webcam sex scandal!

“Lied about his past w regards to school. Secondary school, expelled for webcam sex scandal, went to ITE, poly then uni.”

Source: Dayre

Even when Chloe was still together with Ashry, he still has the balls to hit up a girl on Tinder, who happened to be Chloe’s friend, doing all this while he was sitting NEXT TO CHLOE!!

Source: Dayre

Source: Dayre

“I BELIEVED HIM EH. And so…. I asked him to sign himself into tinder and he just insisted he forgotten the password blablabla, obviously lying right through his rotten teeth ugh. And this isn’t it, he still dare to look at me after and said “Now believe when I said my account was hacked?”

After going through the heartbreaking ordeal, Chloe broke free from the relationship but Ashry’s girlfriend is still with him and he is apparently trying to sign on full-time with the SAF’s special forces.

Chloe recalls when Ashry first asked her out.

Source: Dayre

“‘Date u out’ huntyyyy”

Source: Dayre

“Is there a chance I could go out with ya?

“I wished I said no. Damn it.”

Damn, that was lengthy, I hope after this, those who plan to become a womanizer or are womanizers wake up and realize that they’re actually ruining people’s lives! Nobody should be taken for granted and be taken advantage of! You wouldn’t want that to happen to yourself, so why do it to other people? 

What’s your take on this? Share our thoughts with us in the comment section below!

(Source: Mothership SG / Dayre)



  1. dumbass

    September 18, 2018 at 20:23

    Stupid biatch he was a player and he didn’t even announce she is his boyfriend so what the eff are you doing.

    You got played, cause you LET yourself get played.

  2. joe

    September 19, 2018 at 09:51

    super old news

  3. JamRock

    September 23, 2018 at 01:36

    Well I guess he did what he had to do to survive and to get pussy. So the girls can’t blame him. The girls are suppose to be alert and careful, find out properly bout the guy before really getting on serious. Tat guy is just a winner tats all. Life ain’t fair at all so live with it girls.

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