Singaporean Billionaire Daughter Kim Lim In A Relationship With The Son of ‘Macau Casino King’ Mario Ho - Gave Birth To Her Son Without Marrying & Nobody Knows Who Was The Son Father - The Coverage

Singaporean Billionaire Daughter Kim Lim In A Relationship With The Son of ‘Macau Casino King’ Mario Ho – Gave Birth To Her Son Without Marrying & Nobody Knows Who Was The Son Father

Kim Lim was born in 1994. She is the daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim with a fortune estimated at $ 2.5 billion (Forbes). Lim also owns a La Liga side. His company also holds the copyright of a number of celebrity names including football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Having a super rich father, Kim Lim’s life is as sumptuous as the princesses in fairy tales.

She has a good relationship with world-class celebrities such as Cris Ronaldo, Beckham, Seungri or Dennis Do.

In the past, Kim Lim had a love affair with Mario Ho – the son of billionaire Stanley Ho in Macau.

Before Mario, Kim Lim has not publicized any love relationship. So, as soon as the children of two “boss” love each other, the media began to seek information.

Mario, in addition to being known as Stanley Ho’s son, also has a great academic record. At the age of 11, he won a prize in the mathematical world competition and was called a mathematical genius. He won five gold medals at the World Mathematical Olympiad five years in a row.

Mario is the youngest financial master in MIT history. In addition, Mario is also passionate about sports and possesses many talents.

This man is very passionate about sports, Kim too. Each time Mario plays soccer with his friends, Kim will come to cheer on her boyfriend.

Mario Ho’s idol is Cris Ronaldo. This is also a close friend with many pictures taken with Kim Lim and her show on personal page.

Their love story is well known and even the Singapore press is confident that the couple will get engaged and have a wedding. At that time, a photo of his ring finger was shown on his personal page. Many people say that this is the engagement ring and they are serious about this relationship.

However, they broke up with no reason to leave much regret to the netizens.

She gave birth to her son when she was 23 years old, at that time, she had not got married.

By the end of July 2017, the Singapore media surprised the news that Kim Lim was pregnant and gave birth. It is worth saying, nobody knows who was his father.

Kim Lim had not married but she gave birth to a baby at a prestigious hospital.

Shortly after she gave birth to a baby, Cris Ronaldo flew to Singapore and headed to the hospital to visit his best friend.

The decision to give birth to a baby without marrying makes many people extremely surprised. On the day of her son’s birthday, photos of the father of Lim’s son appeared.

Kim Lim said the man was a successful businessman.

”I always try to become beautiful. I used to think maybe I was the type to diet all my life. But after getting pregnant and giving birth, I try my best to lose weight in a healthy way. I know I have to eat. Previously, I used to skip meals and that was the cause of my stomach problems.

To be honest, that only came after I was pregnant. The little boy really made me change. Before I have children, I do not care about my health. I drink a lot, but now I do not like that, or at least drink controlled. I cherish my life more than before. I started to take care of myself so that I could take care of my son.

Since having children, I have something to look forward to every day. The boy is the best thing with me. I have a caregiver but I do it myself, especially in the first 6 months. ”

Because the family has a private hospital so all problems during pregnancy and baby birth of Kim Lim are solved very easily. She always wanted to do her own thing and asked the mother expert questions.

In addition, Kim Lim also has helpers and other professionals help a lot.

Kim Lim has returned to her daily life and frequently shows photos on her personal page. She did not mention the date of marriage even though her son was over 1 year old.

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