Singaporean Netizen Warns Public To Beware Of Pervert Sneakily Taking Pictures Of Women - The Coverage

Singaporean Netizen Warns Public To Beware Of Pervert Sneakily Taking Pictures Of Women

Perverts come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, we must always be careful when out in public, especially for women, it’s best to look out for each other.

A netizen in Singapore, Marvin Xavier took to Facebook to share his encounter of a pervert who was photographing women on his smartphone. He wrote in his post,

“So my girlfriend and I were having a drink seated at liho bugis+. My girlfriend asked me to take a boomerang of her and I noticed this guy behind my girlfriend who had his phone in an awkward position facing the back of my girlfriend as he paced from left to right which made me suspect that he was taking a photo or video of my girlfriend.

“He quickly left shortly after and I decided to pursue this as he was sitting alone after walking one round.”

Marvin approached the man asking if he had taken any photo or video of his girlfriend and the man was quick to deny. So Marvin asked for permission to look at his photos in his phone to confirm that he was telling the truth.

Source: Facebook

The suspect quickly scrolled down his phone showing Marvin his selfies, but that wasn’t what he was interested in and asked if he could take a look at his ‘All Photos’ gallery.

“He started to get defensive and to my astonishment, I found not just 1 or 2 but at least 30 photos of girls wearing off-shoulder tops which was mostly taken at liho and he started to get flustered.”

It is learned that the man tried to run away at least 5 times but with the commotion going on, bystanders came in to help by restraining him while Marvin’s girlfriend called the police.

The suspect eventually admitted that it was a fetch of his taking photos of girls showing skin.

“Police informed us after the whole interrogation was over about the possible outcomes with the first being he will get a police warning which will be reflected in his record should the investigating officer pursue this or second he will just be let off with a warning since there were no obscene or upskirt photos taken.”

Source: Facebook

A friend of Marvin even added that the man was spotted frequently loitering around Dhoby Ghaut as well.

So ladies please be careful, judging by the number of photos he got in his phone, he has done this many times and each time he got away since he does it discreetly.

“I feel that whatever the Singapore law has in place, it will not be able to compensate for the emotional scarring where people like him have caused onto girls as it stays with them throughout their lifetime. What if it were you or your loved one?

“FYI he was charged with intentional harassment and a case card was given to us where the police advised on what to do next.”

Keep your eyes peeled when you step out the house ladies, as there may be perverts lingering near you! What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below!

(Source: Facebook)

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1 Comment

  1. Yblohpenang

    July 18, 2018 at 08:47

    Looks like the younger brother of Alibaba’s Jack Ma

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