Singaporean Tourist Claimed To Have Been Served With 'Deep-Fried Manhood' Instead Of Chicken At A Penang Hawker Center - The Coverage

Singaporean Tourist Claimed To Have Been Served With ‘Deep-Fried Manhood’ Instead Of Chicken At A Penang Hawker Center

Getting deep fried chicken sometimes really hits the spot, but getting a human genital as ‘chicken’ is a surprise we do not want to encounter!

That’s exactly what happened to this 24-year-old Singaporean woman who was on a holiday in Penang, the island of food! She has taken to social media to claim that she was served a ‘deep-fried-manhood’ after she ordered food at a popular Georgetown hawker center.

The name of the hawker center is kept a secret to protect the privacy of the establishment, also due to Penang Post being unable to verify the authenticity of the woman’s claims. In her statement she said,

“I was feeling hungry after a day of sightseeing so I stopped in at the hawker center to grab dinner, I ordered some fried chicken, but when I got down to my table to start eating I realized one piece looked suspiciously like a male’s genitals.”

The woman cautiously peeled the batter off the meat and claims that there was indeed a large penis underneath.

“I don’t know much about penis but I think it looked like it could be from a human. Also, at the base, there were two round pieces of meat that I think could have been balls.”

Upon her shocking discovery, the woman returned to the stall and demanded a full refund, plus compensation for her ordeal. However, the stall’s owner reportedly denied her request.

“He told me there was no way a penis would end up with his chicken, and definitely not a human one.”

The ‘deep-fried manhood’ has been taken to a laboratory for further testing to determine the origin of it, and investigations are said to be ongoing into the claim.

One of the teams investigating the penis told Penang Post,

“As unlikely as it sounds, we have had a case some years ago where a poultry worker had a finger severed in a workplace accident, and that finger ended up going through the supply chain where it ended up at a restaurant.”

“Luckily, in that case, the kitchen staff spotted it before it was placed into the deep fryer.”

I sure hope that piece of meat isn’t a real penis, as I wouldn’t like it if I find something like this in my food. 

(Source: Penang Post)





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