Singaporean Woman Exposed Ex-Husband's Abuse For The Past 6 Years Of Marriage

Joyce Lim took to Facebook to reveal her now ex-husband’s antics throughout her marriage with the man. Source: Facebook According to her post, the couple is officially divorced on November 16, 2017. She only decided to share her experience on social media after she found out that her ex-husband is spreading false rumors about her to his friends. Of course, he has an ego to feed! Source: Facebook Till this day, the man allegedly owes Joyce a total of SGD2,000 (RM5,970) from four months ago. Instead of paying his ex-wife the money, he gave her some ridiculous excuses. Prior to the divorce, the man had allegedly shoved Joyce to the ground and dragged her on the floor when she was 7 months pregnant with their beautiful baby girl! He was also cheating on his wife (at the moment).

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  Source: Facebook When their daughter was sick and had to be sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), he never once stayed over to take care of the little girl.

“I’m the only person staying in the hospital to takecare my daughter alone with no help at all.”

It is understood that she had been staying in the hospital for 5 days and never once returned home. She was heartbroken at the fact that her daughter was going through so much pain and her husband was not there for both of them! Source: Facebook Joyce allegedly told her husband to rest at home since he claimed he has to work, but to her dismay, he was fooling around with another woman in a hotel. For many times she had thought of committing suicide, but fortunately, she did not, despite being physically abused in front of her parents, his parents, and friends. Her father allegedly punched him in front of the police for abusing Joyce but he still had the audacity to threaten to sue! For countless of times, Joyce’s mother-in-law has brought her to the hospital by ambulance after the abusive husband laid his hands on her.

“I speak with evidence , this guy EDWIN TAN ZHEN HAO is a bomber man . He’s good in cheating . And he went in prison before for cheating case.”

Source: Facebook She suffered from Edwin’s abuse and cheating for 6 years and she has had enough! In just two days, her post has already been shared more than 2,400 times on Facebook.
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A man who dares to lay his hands on his woman is the worst! He should never be with anyone, let alone start a family with anyone. We’re happy that Joyce had ended things with this evil man, you must be strong for your daughter, and teach her to never submit to any man! Teach her to stand her ground and have an opinion of her own!

What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us! (Source: Facebook)

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