Singapore’s Ruling Party PAP Using Malaysia Propaganda To Rally For Election Support - Malaysia As A Bully & Trying To Make Life Difficult For Singaporeans - The Coverage

Singapore’s Ruling Party PAP Using Malaysia Propaganda To Rally For Election Support – Malaysia As A Bully & Trying To Make Life Difficult For Singaporeans

Following its declining popularity over the impending GST increase and falling HDB prices, the ruling party PAP dictatorship created a fake enemy out of its neighbour Malaysia. The Singapore state media portrayed Malaysia as a “bully” trying to make life difficult for Singaporeans, by proposing to increase water prices, scrapping the High Speed Rail project, closing off its airspace to Singapore planes and “seriously violating” Singapore’s water territories by building an extension of the Johor Port.

If one just reads the Straits Times painting the Singapore government as an “innocent party”, one would naturally take the wrong side:

1) High Speed Rail

The High Speed Rail project was scrapped because the former Najib Razak government, a staunch ally of the Singapore PAP, corrupted billions and landed the country in a trillion RM debt. When the new democratic government took over, Malaysia found that they do not have the finance to continue the project.

2) Water prices

Singapore pays only 3 sen (S$0.01) per thousand gallon of raw water to the Malaysian state of Johor – a rate untouched since 1965. Today, its fellow Malaysian state pays 15 times more at 50 sen (S$0.16), and it is only natural that the Malaysian government demand a fair price from a foreign country.

3) Closing of Johor Airspace

Singapore unilaterally built the new Seletar Airport passenger terminal for private jets, and approved its own flight path through South Johor. The new flight path however will limit the building height construction in Johor, which naturally led to Malaysia denying the permission and closing off the airspace. How fair would it be for Singapore to have thousands of 20-storey skyscrapers while Malaysia have none because of flights for Singapore? Malaysia is not paid for allowing its airspace to be used for Singapore either.

4) “Violation” of Singapore water territories

Singapore fell under false impression that reclaiming more land in its western industrial area of Tuas would mean increasing its water territories. This is however not recognised by the United Nations, and of course Malaysia. Malaysia’s Johor port have been seeing increasing businesses, and it poses a huge threat to Singapore’s new port, the Tuas Mega Port. Using sovereignty as an excuse, the Singapore dictatorship intends to impedes Malaysia’s economic development.

The popularity of Singapore’s ruling party dictatorship is currently at its lowest point, and many have been calling for dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to retire. The Singapore government would likely lose power if it continues raising taxes in the world’s most expensive city. As such, an imaginary enemy has been carved out from Mahathir Mohamad – who unlike Lee Hsien Loong, was democratically elected.

The Singapore dictatorship is now playing up on nationalism and telling Singaporeans to rally behind them in the conflicts with Malaysia. It would work out in their favour, only when the population blindly takes in propaganda news from its 151st-ranking state media.

Source : Singapore Herald

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