Social Escort In Japan Rejects Man Over Filthy Belly Button - “Must Be Super Smelly” & “Pity The Escort Lady” - The Coverage

Social Escort In Japan Rejects Man Over Filthy Belly Button – “Must Be Super Smelly” & “Pity The Escort Lady”

A MAN was turned down by a social escort at a hotel in Japan because his belly button was too dirty, China Press reported.

The report stated that the 39-year-old man, who went to the hotel on Monday, took off his clothes when the social escort rejected him.

Back at home later, the man realised that he had not cleaned his navel since he was five.

After a shower, he poured some olive oil into his navel and covered it with a sheet of plastic cling wrap.

After about 10 minutes, he rinsed his navel and removed the dirt on the skin surface before continuing to clean his belly button with a toothpick and cotton bud.

After about five minutes of cleaning, he took a photo of his navel and posted it online, captioned “Isn’t it nicer now?”

He also posted pictures of the dirt that was pulled out from his belly button, with a one yen coin next to the dirt.

Netizens who have seen the photos were mostly taken aback and called it “gross!”

Other comments such as “Must be super smelly”, “A bunch of bacteria”, “Pity the escort lady”, “Seems like more can be dug up” and “It’s not the navel but a black hole” were also posted.

> The daily also reported that a China-based medical company revealed in a research report that 56.36% of adult men in China have excessive foreskin on their penis.

Well Lead Medical Co Ltd, in its report to acquire Jiangxi Langhe Medical Instrument Co Ltd, which sells disposable circumcision staplers, released the findings in June.

It also said out of China’s 700 million male population, 392 million have foreskins that are too long.

Also, quoting a May 15 statement from China’s Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, 140 million Chinese adult men supposedly suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Quoting a research report, the company said out of the entire male population, 500 million are adults.

This means that one in three Chinese men have ED, it added.



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