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South Korean Nurses Forced to Dance Sexily in Hospital Private Event to High Officials

Nurses are the angels without wings in our society. It is their compassion and care that pull patients through bodily and mental hardship.

But the media do not do justice to the nurses as they always sexualize the nurses. On Holloween, sexy nurses have been one of the classic costumes for the young girls at parties.

You may think that every hospital in the world would reject this entire ‘sexy nurse’ notion because it affects their profession and integrity, you are wrong.

S.Korea Nurses forced to perform sexy dance
Source: The Korea Times

One hospital in South Korea allegedly forced female nurses to perform a ‘sexy dance’ in front of management at a company event.

According to The Korea Times, the alleged hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital at Hallym University held an internal annual sports competition in October with 1,000 co-workers and hospital officials attended the event. 

S.Korea Nurses forced to perform sexy dance
Source: The Korea Times

In the event, the female nurses were allegedly forced to be dressed in cleavage-revealing tops and short pants while performing provocative dance moves in squatting, hip-shaking and crawling positions. 

The incident went viral after a number of whistleblowing nurses posted complaints and photos on social media.

One nurse wrote that they were even specifically ordered to make sexually suggestive facial expressions while performing. 

“During practice, managers at the Nursing Department would give instructions on making seductive gestures and facial expressions.”

The practices took place for month prior to the event after working hours, they said. 

More shockingly, this did not just happen once. The Korea Times reports that it also happened year-round in hospital events which supposedly meant to “comfort” patients.

“We had to lie down on the floor and spread our legs in front of patients and their guardians.”

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“Those forced to dance are usually the newly hired nurses, who are unable to refuse such orders,” one complaint wrote.

S.Korea Nurses forced to perform sexy dance
Source: YouTube

“We were forced to dance in front of high-ranking officials of the firm, who sat side-by-side at a long table.”

S.Korea Nurses forced to perform sexy dance
Source: The Korea Times

“Some nurses even cried to express their extreme humiliation, but officials would always brush this off, saying they are making a big deal out of something everyone does. It is devastating to hear the hospital officials claimed they did not know about the situation after this finally got out,”

The hospital is run by the Il-song Foundation, which owns three universities and seven hospitals across the country.

In response, the Korean Nurses Association criticized the hospital and said the practice is damaging the vocation and self-esteem of the nurses.

“There are numerous nurses who endure an intense workload, low paycheck and frequent overtime with their sense of duty and vocation,” said the association.

The hospital is also suspected of failing to pay the extra hour the employees entitled and they were also told to make donations to Rep. Kim Jin-tae of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party. 

The Ministry of Employment and Labor had begun investigations into the case.  

“An internal review is underway […] If we find legal problems, we will summon the hospital officials responsible,” said a minister.

I can see a sign of tyranny in the company here. Imagine you studied hard to get your nursing license and then forced to dance like K-pop girl group privately to a group of high officials?

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We hope the involving officials would face appropriate punishment and the nurses would be rightfully compensated.

Click here to watch a video of the incident.

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Source: The Korea Times

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