Former Hong Kong Famous Football Player Robbed Of Over RM4Mil In Gold Bars And Cash - The Coverage

Former Hong Kong Famous Football Player Robbed Of Over RM4Mil In Gold Bars And Cash

If you are a football freak, Im sure you’ve heard of Lee Wai-man? He’s one of Hong Kong’s famous football star.

Shockingly, on Wednesday evening, Lee Wai-man was robbed of HKD8.2 million(over RM 4Mil) in gold bars and foreign currency at mall in Hong Kong.

Apparently, the 43-year-old man was at Fortune Metropolis shopping center shopping and he bought 24 gold bars worth HKD7.5 million, Oriental Daily reports.

When he was walking towards the mall’s exit area roughly around 9pm, he was approached by a man who grabbed his suitcase containing the gold and HKD700,000 in cash.

According to Lee, when he tried to get the suitcase back, two other men intimidated him with a knife. The robber then jumped into a van that was waiting in the mall’s driveway and sped off.  Police believe that around six to seven men were involved in this robbery case, all of whom are reportedly of South Asian descent.

After Lee made the report, police quickly searched the area around the shopping center until about 4am, but found no suspects. According to a source, Lee sustained only minor injuries to his face but did not require medical treatment.

At around 11pm, police officers found a car which matches the van’s license plate but found out it wasn’t the getaway vehicle after preliminary investigations.  According to police, they believe that the thieves had used a fake license plate to carry out this crime .

An investigation by the Kowloon West regional crime unit is going on.

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