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One Player Can Reach Lionel Messi’s Level According To Ronaldinho

Back in 2005, Ronaldinho was one of the first people to predict that Lionel Messi would be a sensational player back when the Argentine was just in his teenage years.

Ronaldinho was in his prime when he told reporters that he is not even the best player in Barcelona referring to a teenage Lionel Messi as the best at the club.

Lionel Messi has won five Ballon D’or in his career and has score a huge amount of goals for club and country. However, Ronaldinho names one player who he thinks can reach the level of Messi.

It is not surprising that the 36 year old believes that Neymar will reach the level of Messi or even can go a bit higher than the Argentina forward.



“Every era has its best player. Each one was the best of their time. And Leo is the best of now.” Ronaldinho is quoted by Catalan newspaper Sport.

Ronaldinho then included Neymar in the topic and believes that the Brazilian will reach Messi’s level.

“I think he will reach Leo’s level. He’s going to be the best in time. He’s young and he’s won a lot. Like many others, though, he’s unfortunate to be around in the era of Messi.” Ronaldinho said.

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