[VIDEO] Unbelievable Moment When Malaysia's Badminton Duo Swaps Rackets In Mid Game And Wins The Rally! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Unbelievable Moment When Malaysia’s Badminton Duo Swaps Rackets In Mid Game And Wins The Rally!

WOW! What a skill…! And it seems like it’s a Malaysian thing too, to swap rackets in the middle of a rally. Two years after Chan/Goh did an excellent racket change during the SEA Games, Tan Kian Meng and Lai Pen Jing also showed great effort to overcome their opponent during the Sudirman Cup 2017.

It was a notable exchange by the Malaysian mix double that even got the commentators excited!

“Oh! He has changed rackets with his partner…and she has run off to get a new racket!”

“That is fantastic!”

“Unbelievable…and they won the rally!”

“That is sensational!”

“That is tremendous!”

Apparently, during the switch, Tan told Lai to give him her racket and told her to take a new one while he defended their court. Even the crowd was amused by their actions and could be heard going wild at the background.

Take a look at the fantastic swap!

Tan Kian Meng Super Racquet Change

Racquet change level: Tan Kian Meng

Dikirim oleh Chromax pada 24 Mei 2017

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