Stay Alert & Please Stay Safe : Perlis , Kedah & Pulau Pinang Alerted For Thunderstorm & Heavy Rain

Terdapat sistem gangguan cuaca ( sel tekanan rendah ) berkod 94B yang sedang berpusar – pusar di utara Aceh ketika ini .

Berpandukan unjuran model ramalan terkini , sistem dijangka akan bergerak ke arah timur dan masuk ke utara selat Melaka .

Penduduk utara semenanjung terutama Perlis , Kedah dan Pulau Pinang perlu lebih berwaspada dengan potensi adanya hujan lebat , angin kencang dan laut bergelora bermula awal pagi esok , 21 Disember 2021 .

Source : Muhammad Syafiq

Authorities will likely issue new warnings or update existing advisories throughout the system’s progression in the coming hours. Weather warnings could remain active even after the system’s immediate threat has diminished, as some areas may still be highly susceptible to rain-induced hazards. The possibility of localized evacuations remains possible if weather conditions prove particularly hazardous.

Hazardous ConditionsThe storm may bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to parts of northern and central West Malaysia over the coming hours. Sustained heavy rainfall could trigger flooding in low-lying communities near streams, creeks, rivers, and urban areas with inadequate stormwater drainage systems.

Sites located downstream of large reservoirs could experience flash flooding after relatively short periods of intense rainfall. Rain-induced landslides are possible in steeply sloped terrains. Flooding could isolate some communities for several days. Prolonged swells and storm surge generated by the system will likely result in coastal flooding. Persistent onshore flow could make it difficult for the surge to recede and for water levels to decrease in coastal river catchments.


Activate contingency plans in areas where officials forecast tropical weather conditions. Heed any evacuation orders that may be issued. Use extreme caution in low-lying coastal areas and near streams, creeks, and other waterways due to the potential for severe flooding and storm surge. Stockpile water, batteries, and other essentials in advance. Charge battery-powered devices when electricity is available; restrict the use of cellular phones to emergencies only. Power down mobile devices when not in use. Keep important documents and necessary medications in waterproof containers. Observe strict food and water precautions, as municipalities could issue boil-water advisories following flooding events. Take precautions against insect and waterborne diseases in the coming weeks.

Plan accordingly for protracted commercial, transport, and logistics disruptions in areas in the path of the storm, especially if vital infrastructure is damaged. Seek updated information on road conditions before driving or routing shipments through areas where flooding has occurred. Confirm flights before checking out of hotels or driving to the airport; clearing passenger backlogs may take several days in some locations.

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