Wild Stingray Stabs Man's Genitals And It Won't Come Off - Stingray’s Tail That Was Attached To The Man’s Genitals - The Coverage

Wild Stingray Stabs Man’s Genitals And It Won’t Come Off – Stingray’s Tail That Was Attached To The Man’s Genitals

Going to the beach is one of the activities many people enjoy, you can do many things on the beach, the highlight is swimming in the sea! But you might want to keep an eye out for the sea creatures there!

This is because a man in Hainan, China, had to learn his lesson the hard way when his genitals got stabbed by a stingray while he was minding his own business in the sea.

Source: National Geographic Kids

According to China Times, the young man swimming in the sea around noon on September 1, suddenly suffered a rather unexpected injury when he got in the way of a stingray.

It was unclear what happened but the stingray stabbed his genitals with its stinger, which caused the man to be in agony.

He was quickly rescued and brought to the shore where concerned onlookers tried to help the man but the stingray was stuck to his genitals as the barbs on its stinger (spine) were hooked on the man.

The unidentified man was seen lying on the beach with an expression of pain and was unable to move while he waited for the emergency personnel to arrive.

Source: China Press

Stingray’s spine has jagged edges, a sharp point and may produce venom that can kill humans. The venom from a stingray spine may cause excruciating pain, loss of consciousness, and muscle weakness in humans.

However, they only attack people with their spine to defend themselves when stepped on.

Source: China Press

After the emergency personnel arrived to help the man, they tried to pull out the stingray’s stinger but to no avail, as it was hooked tightly with the venomous tail spines.

Left with no choice, the medical staff resorted to using a pair of scissors to cut off the stingray’s tail that was attached to the man’s genitals.

Source: China Press

Shortly after that, they rushed the suffering man to the hospital for a check-up. Luckily, the doctor said that his condition was stable and there were no other injuries.

He is reportedly recovering from his unexpected ‘stabbing’ but is still a little weak from his ordeal.

Source: H01

Chinese netizens who saw the news were amused and concerned about the strange incident.

Some of them speculated about the size and wondered how the stingray could have stabbed the poor man’s genitals. A few said they were afraid it would be broken while another cheekily said that the man shouldn’t have used his penis as a fishing bait.

Guys, please be careful the next time you swim in the sea, okay? Be safe!

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

(Source: WOB / China Times / YouTube)



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