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Stop Eating Maggi! There Are Just Too Many Complications That Comes With Frequent Consumption

Okay, I shall admit it right now that I am an instant noodles fan. Tomyam and Samyang flavoured instant noodles are my top favourites. Teehee. BUT! I also know that I am putting my health at risk with my frequent consumption, and I like only eat them probably 3 times a week.

What is my consumption in comparison to people who every day consumes them simply because it’s either their favourite meal or they are just trying to save up money?

Come on peeps, try to slow down on those ‘slow killers’. Your parents or elderly relatives would have warned you of eating instant noodles and just in case if you didn’t know why…here’s a list of reasons to consider on getting back your healthy food lifestyle.


1. Digestion complications

It’s true about what people say how eating instant noodles can screw up your digestive system! Do you know that it takes twice or sometimes thrice as long for your body to digest instant noodle then it would for other healthier meals?

This long delicious strands of noodles actually give our intestines a hard time.


2. Kidney failure

Well, this comes in as a no surprise since instant noodles have a high concentration of sodium in it. Just the right amount of sodium would keep our bodies agile, too much and you are in for a big trouble!


3. Minor allergic reaction

Not sure if you realised (or experienced) it or not, but do you ever get heartburns or a little drowsy after eating a bowl of instant noodles? Well, if you said yes…then that’s probably your body reacting to the MSG that makes our instant noodles all so yummy.


4. Fatigue

Another case that can be observed from those who love to eat their instant noodles is that they are always ‘slow’ in action. Or rather not as active as those who eat a proper meal. This is simple science though, instant noodles = lack of nutrients, body lack of nutrients = constant feeling of fatigue.


5. High blood pressure and other health risks

Now this one, I have heard way too many times from my parents. We have seen these reminders all over the net including the recent research that proves how damaging instant noodles are to our body. Too much of this springy fatal ‘goodness’ and you might end up with heart diseases and stroke.


6. Losing hair faster than it can grow

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a fan of instant noodles and back in my uni days I would eat at least one bowl of instant noodles a day, and what made me cut down was the fact that my hair kept falling and my head felt like it was barely covered with any hair. ( BTW I do have thick hair, so yea…SCARY!) There’s no scientific research to back this up (YET!), but you could take my word for it, better to be safe than sorry, right?



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