[STORY] Rosmah's Son-In-Law Prays She Will Open Her Heart To Accept Them

Source: My Bulletin Malaysia He told mStar Online,

“My wife and I have never kept any feelings of hate because as a son and son-in-law, she is still a mother (in-law) and a biological mother to my wife. “For 11 years of our marriage, we always pray for her heart to be open to our family.”
Fazley gained the attention of his followers on Instagram after he shared his story on social media. Source: Ais Kacang Fazley and Azrene were married in 2007 and apparently, Rosmah did not bless their marriage. Azrene is the daughter of Rosmah and her first husband, Abdul Aziz Nong Chik. In the meantime, Fazley, 40, said his disclosure of his hardship during their 11-year-old marriage in Instagram recently was not intended to find fault with any party nor to bring them shame. On the other hand, Fazley said he only shared the true story of their family life as they wanted to fulfill his father’s final wish, Datuk Yaakob Mohammad.
“Actually to me, this sharing is a responsibility. Not intended to find fault or bring shame to any party.”
Source: Ais Kacang Fazley’s sharing about his wife also touched the heart of netizens.
“It is also a will of my late father who asked me to tell me the truth about me, my wife and my late father when the time is right. “I think that is now a good time to share my family life experience.”
Fazley’s late father passed away at the KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital due to complications of the lungs on February 8, 2016. Source: Astro Awani Fazley added, he chose to disclose the matter on social sites because he felt closer to his followers. Fazley also said he made sure not to neglect Rosmah during mother’s day, he wished wife, mother (right photo) and mother-in-law (center), on mother’s day in an Instagram post. Source: Ais Kacang
“I do not want to go to the media. For me, this social site is more personal. I can get closer to followers on Instagram. “This medium is most important to the fans, so I share my experience so that they can also take that as an example. He said, “The main thing is patience and courage because that’s true.”
Fazley and Azrene are blessed with 4 beautiful children, Ahmad Fariedz Shah, 9, Ahmad Fieradz Shah, 8, Ahmad Firudz Shah, 6, and Alayna Selma, seven months old. Source: NST What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below! (Source: Ais Kacang)

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1 Comment

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