Struggling Taiwan Food Stall In Taichung Night Market Sales Increased After Hiring Model Vivi Little Peach Babe To Show Her Cleavage

Looking to draw in a couple more customers, a braised meat vendor in Taiwan decided to hand over the management of his stall for one night to a cleavage-bearing woman wielding a cleaver.

Customers mesmerized by saucy cleaver-wielding shop keeper’s cleavage.

The owners of the braised meat snack stall located in Beitun District, Taichung City revealed that they recently invited Vivi, aka Little Peach (小桃子), to serve as their “one-day shop manager” to see if she could help draw in more customers.

Thanks to the temporary new hire, the braised meat snack stall reportedly quadrupled its sales. With her powerful charisma, Vivi did wonders for the store, attracting a long queue of customers who can’t wait to try their tasty meats for sale.

“So happy that Little Peach has so many customers to come and buy braised flavor,” wrote the lady dubbed by local media as “Braised Sister” on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

Photos of her braised meat selling stint immediately became widely shared on social media with many showering praises.

According to Taiwan News, Little Peach had to take a break from her modeling job to help the store out. While it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly her secret was for her success, we can only assume it has to do with her ability to connect with customers.

Some might say that it could also be her good looks, tight short-shorts, and cleavage-revealing top.

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Vivi Instagram : LINK

Vivi Facebook – 小桃子

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