Malaysian Student Asks The Internet Why Does Her Boyfriend Want To Break Up After Losing Her Virginity To Him - The Coverage

Malaysian Student Asks The Internet Why Does Her Boyfriend Want To Break Up After Losing Her Virginity To Him

These days, youngsters are getting more accustomed to asking people on the internet for advice on how they should handle their problems. Due to this, more confession pages are popping up on Facebook, allowing users to post their worries and problems to get public counseling.

Just like this student who took to a university confession page to lament on her boyfriend who wants to break up with her after she gave her virginity to him.

She wrote in her post,

“I recently got close with a senior who was helping me out with some project work. He’s really sweet and helpful. Very patient despite me asking a bunch of questions. He always had the time for me.”

When her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, her senior was the first person she turned to. He was her shoulder to lean on.

“Eventually we started dating. I never once thought of him as a rebound and he never once asked me bout my ex.”

For his birthday, she planned out a great night for him, dinner at Troika then a movie after, fully paid by her. The movie ended pretty late, so she asked him to stay the night at her place since it will take him about 30 minutes to get home, so he agreed.

“When we got back to my place, we were just cuddling in bed, and talking. Since it was his birthday, I thought I would give him another “present”. So I started rubbing his tummy and slowly moved my hand downwards.”

It was her first time, so she didn’t really know what to do. But he took the initiative and told her to relax. Before she knew it, they were already having sexual intercourse.

” It felt kinda painful at first, and I wasn’t enjoying it much. At points I had cramps and I wanted him to stop but I didn’t have the heart to tell him since it was his birthday.

“I shrugged it off, thinking it was just because it’s my first time and nobody enjoys their first time anyways.

“After he came and pulled out, we saw blood everywhere, turns out the cramps, was my period pains. I didn’t expect to have my period and to have such a heavy flow!”

The senior freaked out at the sight of the blood and she was left flabbergasted. He quickly grabbed his clothes and bolted. Needless to say, she spent the night crying herself to sleep.

It’s been a week and she has not seen him on campus and he is not replying any of her messages or answering he calls.

“Yesterday he texted me saying that he wants to break up. I don’t know what to do, I’m so distraught. I love this guy and I would give him anything. Why does he want to break up with me?

“Is it because I paid for dinner? Do all guys have such a big ego that they must always pay the bill? Are girls not allowed to pay for dinner?”

Netizens were quick to reply with some saying it was fishy how it went from an intercourse mishap into challenging a man’s ego.

While others are pointing out the reason why the boyfriend wants to break up.

A netizen also said that college/university guys are immature and not understanding.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this a made up story or is it real? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

(Source: Facebook)



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