Man Suffering From Kidney Disease Forced To Amputate Arm After Eating Contaminated Sushi – You Need To Be Extra Careful The Next Time You Eat Sushi

Warning: Graphic images ahead. Viewer discretion is advised. Sushi and sashimi lovers take note, you need to be extra careful the next time you eat any raw seafood as an elderly South Korean man with multiple health issues had to lose half of his arm after he ate contaminated sushi and resulted in him contracting a bad bacterial infection. Photo for illustration purpose only | Source: Bonfisken According to Daily Mail, the 71-year-old’s hand begun to ache badly and swelled severely 12 hours after having the sushi. After two days of suffering from fever and excruciating pain in the hand, the man finally went to see a doctor in Jeonju, South Korea. Source: Daily Mail The doctors diagnosed him with vibriosis, which is an infection caused by the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. They then drain out the golf ball-sized blisters and removed the infected tissues. After draining out the 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm blisters, they gave the man two intravenous antibiotics in hopes that his condition will be cured but they were wrong. Source: Daily Mail The elderly man – who also suffers from type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and last stage kidney disease – later contracted deep ulcers which caused necrosis. According to the report, the man’s weak immune system, which is a result of the kidney disease, made him prone to necrosis. If you didn’t know, necrosis is the death of body tissue when less blood is flowing to the tissues. This condition is particularly dangerous for diabetic patients, like the man, because it causes wounds to heal much slower as the blood and nutrient flow is restricted due to the rotting flesh.

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Photo for illustration purposes only | Source: NEJM Due to this, the man’s left hand and forearm had to be chopped off in order to stop the rotting flesh from spreading to other parts of the body. Fortunately, the surgery went well and the elderly man was finally discharged home. We hope he will be extra careful the next time he eats raw seafood, especially since he already has a lot of health complications.  Let this be a lesson to the public to be extra cautious when eating delicacies that serve raw food, particularly if you have health problems similar to the elder man. Be careful and stay safe guys! (Source: WOB / Daily Mail)

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