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Syed : New Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik Is Pro Muslim Brotherhood

New education minister not gone down well with critics, rights activists point to his leanings to Salafist Islam, similar to Saudi Arabia concern over Maszlee’s speaking out against non-Sunnis disappointment with Dr M’s decision to give up education portfolio

Mahathir initially education minister

I cannot break (promise) at the moment, unless there is a demand that I take up education portfolio,” Dr Mahathir said yesterday

Maszlee, lecturer at International Islamic University  joined PPBM in March sympathised with Zakir Naik, wanted in India over money laundering, extremism Zakir received support from Perlis mufti, also closely associated with Maszlee. Maszlee part of Perlis fatwa committee

Asri and Perlis mufti dept under scrutiny from (Suhakam) hearing case of missing Perlis activist Amri Che Mat
mufti accused by Amri’s wife for harrassing her family

Maszlee close brother in arms of Perlis Mufti hardliner pretending to be ‘moderate says activist Sheryll Stothard

Siti Kassim described Maszlee as intolerant  portrays himself as “accommodating and open”

Attempts to get Maszlee’s response in vain  calls to him were cut short

My comments : Since yesterday the Whatsapps have gone viral that the new Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik is a ‘closet salafist’.

Actually he is quite an Anwarista and a supporter of the disastrously failed and bunglingly confused Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood which was founded by Hassan Al Banna in Egypt.

The Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood is another Arab religious cult that has failed disastrously all over the Middle East.

Dr Maszlee is said to be a protege of Perlis Mufti Dr Mohamed Asri Zainal Abidin.

Another Whatsapp says Maszlee is an AJK of the Majlis Fatwa Perlis.

Here is a graphic making the rounds :

And here is a picture of some of the folks that Maszlee (extreme left) likes to hang out with. Err isnt that fellow sitting across him, the guy who was mentioned in some news about some s_x video ?

People who know Maszlee personally say that he is a family friend and supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. While studying in Jordan he used to travel to London and meet the Ikhwan Muslimin crowd over there.

As FMT states above, he has spoken up to support Indian “terror preacher” Zakir Naik

Here is an old FMT report :

Assistant professor at Intnl Islamic University Dr Maszlee Malik agreed with Mujahid.
He said Zakir is a soft-spoken preacher and does not condemn other religions.
“I urge non-Muslims to hear him out to get a clearer picture on Islam.”
Zakir’s presence in Malaysia has ruffled feathers, with MIC Youth reportedly lodging multiple police reports against him.

Maszlee has also written many articles in his blog ( in support of Muhammad Morsi the deposed “Muslim Brotherhood” president of Egypt.

Here are some of his writings in support of Mohamed Morsi and the Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood :

Kejatuhan kerajaan Morsi ..berpunca daripada kumpulan serpihan Hosni Mubarak. Pandangan itu disuarakan penganalisis politik Mesir, Dr. Maszlee Malik menyifatkan perkembangan berkenaan sebagai sesuatu yang amat malang  mereka gagalkan usaha Morsi untuk melakukan perubahan di Mesir,” kata pensyarah (UIA) itu

Here is more :

pensyarah (UIAM) Dr Maszlee Malik berkata, rakyat negara itu meminta ‘kuasa besar’ menghormati demokrasi, kedaulatan undang-undang dan hak rakyat.

“Gerakan Islam sanggup berpegang kepada prinsip demokrasi berbanding sikap hipokrasi golongan liberal dan sekular yang kononnya ‘menjunjung’ demokrasi dan hak asasi manusia berhubung isu Mesir ini,” katanya.

Gerakan Islam refers to the Ikhwan Muslimin. And exactly repeating the Ikhwan Muslimin views about the Shias:

Penyelewengan Syiah mencabar perlembagaan negara yang meletakan agama Islam sebagai agama rasmi negara kata Pensyarah Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Dr Maszlee Malik.

Now please read this Facebook posting by someone. I received it via WhatsApp.

This FB posting
begins with a greeting to “Ikhwan”
congratulates Maszlee Malik
it mentions a mysterious “top leader kita” (who can that be?)
it says jangan bimbang dengan DAP dan Tun Dr Mahathir
ikhwah (brothers) sudah bertapak dalam ppbm
pastikan ppbm dalam kontrol kita
ikhwah kita masuk Amanah, PKR, PPBM beramai2

For a certainty Maszlee Malik, the new Minister of Education is pro Ikhwan Muslimin or Muslim Brotherhood.

Not too long ago I mentioned that the Muslim Brotherhood has their candidate running for a Parliamentary seat in our 14th General Elections.

I did not mean Maszlee Malik. I was actually referring to another guy. That other guy (who is now an MP – he won his seat) is in this picture above.

This is the Muslim Brotherhood’s classic infiltration technique. Muslim Brotherhood supporters are in Amanah, PPBM and certainly PKR where Anwar Ibrahim is the Brotherhood’s super star. They are also in PAS.

Anwar Ibrahim says he will be travelling overseas including to some Islamic countries. You can guess he will be meeting his old Ikhwan Muslimin buddies – to huddle and to strategise on issue. Just dont cuddle too much ok.

Folks, they are back.

Source : Syed 

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