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Syndicate In Tesco Cheated A 74-Year-Old Man Out Off RM4,000!!

Everyone needs to be aware of scammers not only online or on the phone but also when you see them in shopping malls or the streets, they’re everywhere! They may promise you some rather interesting deals, but trust me you wouldn’t want to get stuck with them.

Recently, Norhaliza shared on social media how her elderly parents became victims of a syndicate in Tesco Mutiara Damansara. Her 74-year-old father was cheated about RM4,000 which was charged to his credit card.

Norhaliza starts her post with:

“At first, my parents were handed a grocery bag which was said to be free. Then they were asked to sit down and write down their name for receiving the grocery bag. That’s how it all started.

“Then a salesgirl named Bella handed a gadget to both my parents. They were asked to press on it. Just like that, my father was said to have won 2 items – a vacuum cleaner worth RM3,680 and a microwave worth RM3,988.”

Norhaliza said that Bella passed the gadget to her father again to press. He must’ve been very happy and thinks that today is his lucky day!

“He won RM100 which entitled him to get a free water dispenser for 3 months. If he is interested in buying the water dispenser, he can start paying RM80 per month for 48 months.”

The poor old man was asked to show his credit card and coincidentally he had a HSBC credit card and the sale girl took the opportunity to let him know he won something else! He was entitled to a multi-cooker set!

“I’m still clueless regarding when the card was swiped. Suddenly, my father was handed several documents to sign. For a 74-year-old man who has never used his credit card to buy anything, it didn’t occur to him that the transaction had taken place.”

When the elderly couple returned home, the family found out that his credit card was charged RM3,988!! That is a whopping amount of money!!

“My husband and I immediately rushed to Tesco Mutiara Damansara to demand my father’s money back. We insisted the transaction be canceled and that they have misled my father into signing the papers.”

“Bella also called her supervisor who looked like a thug to see us. The supervisor refused to comply with our demand saying that my father fully understood the terms and conditions.”

“My husband made a few phone calls and before we left, and I told Bella, ‘wait for the authorities to come’. She just smiled as if they’ve won.”

“After discussing with my siblings, we decided to lodge a police report at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, together with my father.”

“Just this morning, we were informed that agents from Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism went undercover and busted the syndicate yesterday. They will be charged as well!”

Speaking out of an experience, there is always a ‘catch’ behind every free item, do not fall into their trap and be wary when approached by strangers claiming you’ve won something. They may sound really convincing and offer you a great deal, and if you suddenly realised that you’re in a ditch, get out of it!

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