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Syndicate Selling Fake RM100 Notes At RM10 Per Piece To Clear ‘Stock’

We’ve heard of counterfeit money syndicates where they distribute fake money in the past, but even with the arrests and warnings, some parties are still not backing down on the counterfeit money. The next time you receive a RM100 note, you might want to scrutinize it.

There have been rumours going around saying that counterfeit RM100 notes are currently recirculating in the market as a syndicate is looking to clear their ‘stock’ by selling RM100 notes at RM10 a piece to members of the public.

On Wednesday, August 15, a 35-year-old mixed rice vendor received a fake RM100 note from a customer who went to buy two packets of mixed rice for RM10.

Source: Oriental Daily

The vendor said,

“When my employee received the money, he didn’t notice it was a fake note until I came to the shop in the afternoon to collect money. The colour started fading after the note was stained with water; that’s when I discovered it was a counterfeit.”

Luckily, the shop was equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras, the owner found that the customer was a regular who visits the shop three times a week after looking through the footage.

He added that the customer himself could be a victim too because the fake note looks and feels like a real one. It would be extremely difficult to distinguish between the fake and real notes unless the person compares both side-by-side.

Source: Oriental Daily

Temiang MP Ng Chin Tsai also urged members of the public to be aware of such counterfeit notes and not to buy any of those fake notes as it’s against the law to use counterfeit money.

On the other hand, this matter has been brought to the attention of Seremban district police chief for further action.

If you have a RM100 note in your wallet right now or someone hands one to you after this, make sure you check it to avoid getting scammed! Never buy the fake notes either, it may seem genuine but once you get caught, you’ll be punished severely.

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(Source: WOB)

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