More Than 50 Partners In The Past : Popular Taiwan Instagramer & Youtuber 34D Ili Cheng Has Fixed Partner To Satisfy Her Sexual Needs Twice A Month

The 26-year-old on the other hand shocked audiences, and also Zhang, when she revealed that not only has she exceeded that number, she’s had even more sex partners.

“I put my number as 50 which is the minimum,” she said, adding that, “Everyone is openly doing it. They are just not talking about it”.

Busty Taiwanese actress Ili Zheng Jiazhen is known for her 34D “assets” which earned her praise from social media for baring it all in a recently published calendar.

In a recent interview with Taiwanese media, the One Night in Taipei star spoke about her love life that raised eyebrows when she revealed that despite being single, she has a partner whom she sees twice monthly for her “needs”.

Asked by the media the purpose of having a partner, the 26-year-old replied: “Whenever I have sexual needs, the opposite party can help me. It is normal for adults to have this life.

“But this year, I only meet him for meals as I am too busy.”

Saying she is the sort of person who does not need anyone to accompany her, Zheng described herself as a difficult person who is not only strict with herself but also on others.

On why she refuses to have a permanent partner, Zheng says she views relationships differently from others.

“So why trouble the other party. If you find they are unsuitable at a later stage, it will be a messy break-up.”

Source : Malay Mail

Ili (Chinese: 鄭家純; pinyin: Zhèng Jiāchún, born 31 August 1993) is a Taiwanese female artist who is nicknamed “Ji Paimei” (Chinese: 雞排妹; pinyin: 雞排妹; literally: ‘Chicken sister’).

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As a student she was employed as a part-time model, and following a chicken shop publicity film in early 2012, she became an internet meme. Following this, she then began her acting career.

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Just two weeks after revealing she has a “fixed partner” to satisfy her sexually twice a week, busty Taiwanese actress Ili Zheng is again courting controversy ― this time for revealing that she had at least 50 sexual partners.

The 26-year-old best known for her 34D assets, made the revelation known during a live telecast of the TV programme Sisters Can’t Take It recently according to a report by Sin Chew Daily.

In the programme, Zheng was interviewing influencer Zhang Zhiqi where Zhang shared that when he first came to Taipei, he was lonely and bored which made him go wild.

“It is up to the audience to interpret how wild I went.”

This prompted Zheng to ask Zhang the number of sex partners he had and whether the figure reaches 50 to which Zhang shyly replied it was less than that.

Zheng shocked the audience when she blurted out that she herself has more sex partners.

“I put my number as 50 which is the minimum,” she said.

“Everyone is openly doing it. They are just not talking about it”.

Zheng was nicknamed “Chicken Chop Girl” following a publicity film in 2012.

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