Taiwan Celebrity Elva Hsiao Goes Official In Relationship With 24-Year-Old BF - Will Jho Low Be Heart Broken? - The Coverage

Taiwan Celebrity Elva Hsiao Goes Official In Relationship With 24-Year-Old BF – Will Jho Low Be Heart Broken?

He allegedly won Elva over with his supportive presence during her lowest point.

Celebrating her 40th birthday recently, Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) announced on social media that she is in a relationship with a new beau, 24-year-old Justin Huang (黃皓) with the caption “Love needs us to be together”. With a gap of 16 years, Justin, who is from Canada, is Elva’s youngest boyfriend so far.

According to news sources, Justin had stayed by Elva’s side and gave her care and protection when she was at lowest point in 2017, the year she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and became ill. Winning Elva over with his supportive presence, the Mando-pop queen had allegedly said that Justin is her “best birthday gift”.

Born in 1995, Justin stands at six feet tall and has handsome good looks. Growing up in Vancover, he seems determined to make a name for himself in Taiwanese entertainment, attending Chinese lessons as well as acting-related courses. His acting opportunities have been few, the most well-known being web drama Coffee Luwak <貓屎咖啡> in which he starred as male lead alongside Malaysian celebrity Joyce Chu (四葉草).

After Elva’s post which featured four sweet photos of the couple, the singer’s fans left their well-wishes, and even headed over to Justin’s Weibo profile to leave comments reminding him to treat their Elva well. Perhaps because of the unexpected flood of comments, Justin deleted the post in which he announced his relationship with Elva – raising speculation that their romance is not as stable as it seems, and leaving fans worried that if he could not even take the stress at the beginning of the relationship. The couple may have a hard time down the road.


Flamboyant billionaire Jho Low is back in limelight, once again, with another story of an extravagant but sadly futile attempt at wooing the heart of another major celebrity- famous Taiwanese Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao.

Taiwanese online media portal Apple Daily reported the billionaire’s multi-million dollar proposal after coming across an alleged video recording documenting Low’s proposal.

The online media portal cites a video uploaded about a year ago to video-sharing site, Vimeo.com, by British-based professional photographer Peter Rear.

The video that was titled, ‘Atlantis Engagement, Dubai’, did not mention the identity of the couple but contained an eye-opening caption; ‘Surprise engagement proposal rumored to cost £1m (RM 5.5 million).

The extravagant cost of the proposal comes as no surprise considering it took place on the private beach of Atlantis, The Palm- a world-famous hotel on the island of Palm Jumeirah, off the coast of Dubai; famous for it’s extravagant tenant costs.

The 5-minute long video depicts the couple arriving to the beach in high-style- in a blacked out Rolls-Royce and strolling on the beach, where candles laid out romantically in a Valentine heart shape.

Out on the sea, a giant neon-lit backdrop hung between two yachts that read “Jho (Hearts) Elva” lit up the dim evening waters.

The couple then proceed hand-in-hand to a luxurious set to dine- claimed to be the work of Dubai’s world famous architectural and interior design firm, Ali Bakhtiar designs- as lasers show outlines of the couple’s silhouette.

The romantic atmosphere is disrupted when several parachutists descend from the sky onto the beach, James Bond style, to present Hsiao with jewellery custom made by Swiss luxury brand, Chopard.

The outrageous extravagance and flair of near-unattainable luxury moved Hsiao to the brink of tears, but was not enough to move her heart.

Apple Daily reports that the 33-year-old Mandopop star rejected the proposal and only saw 31-year-old Low as a ‘little brother’.

Mandarin Name: Elva Hsiao
Cantonese Name: Elva Siu
Chinese Name: 萧亚轩
Birthdate: August 24th, 1980
Nationality: Taiwanese
Height: 162cm
Weight: 47kg
Religion: Buddhism
Blood Type: A Chinese
Horoscope: Sheep
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Birth Place: Taiwan
Education: University; major in design of John Casablancas (CollegeVancouver)

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