Taiwanese Man Divorces Wife Because She Only Showers Once A Year For 13 Long Years- She Only Bathes , Brushed Her Teeth & Washed Her Hair Once A Year!

Taiwanese woman is something else, she only bathes once a year and brushed her teeth or washed her hair only when she felt like it!!

Her behavior has led her marriage down the drain as her husband decided to divorce after he couldn’t stand it anymore. On Thursday, January 4, the New Taipei City District Court granted the long-suffering man’s divorce.

The woman, identified only by her surname Lin, wasn’t as bad as how she is now. When she and her husband were still dating, she would shower once a week, while he was able to accept such behavior, he was disappointed that her habits worsened after their marriage.

Source: Mint Mag

First, her bath routine deteriorated from once a week to once a month, then she would only clean herself every half a year before doing it once a year. It was reported that Lin has been doing this (bathing once a year) for 13 long years!

He further explained that she would only take bath during New Year and when she finally stepped into the bathroom, she takes three hours to clean up. Eww, can you imagine just how much dirt she has on her body?

To cover up her bad breath, Lin would rather chew gum to get her breath minty fresh than brush her teeth. She’d also rather put on a hat to cover her greasy hair instead of washing it.

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How can she stand the itchy scalp? Lin’s unhygienic habits prevented the couple from having children for a decade as they only had sex once a year.

Besides that, Lin, who did not have a job also convinced her husband to stay at home as well and instead cook for his father-in-law, who had a physical disability. He said,

“I had an opportunity to work as a building security guard.”

But Lin forbade her husband from taking the job which she thought was “demeaning.” It is understood that his mother-in-law paid for their daily expenses, but without any other source of income, the pair remained poor.

Fortunately for the man, he was able to move out of the house in late 2015 and found himself a job in Hsinchu. He only decided to file for divorce after Lin suddenly showed up at his new job demanding that he quit!

Lin opposed the divorce while stating that her husband’s accusations were lies and that her parents actually treated him like a son.

She said she looked for her husband after he failed to return her calls. Woman, it’s not about how your parents treat him, the problem is you! 

He claimed that he had suffered psychological torture from his now ex-wife’s bad personal hygiene. The court granted the divorce noting that the pair could not find a common ground on work, family chores, and hygiene.

As the two had been separated for about two years, the judge has deemed that there was no way the marriage could work. We’re thankful that the man’s suffering has ended. But on a bigger note, personal hygiene is super important, not only does it prevents us from catching diseases, it’s also a confidence booster.

On top of that, it makes the lives of other people around you much easier!  Do not neglect your personal hygiene! What are your thoughts on this?

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