Taiwan’s Popular DJ ‘Sunflower Queen’ In Hot Water After Video Of Her Soliciting Sex Went Viral Online

A video of Johanne Liou Yi-han, a Taiwanese women dubbed the “Sunflower Queen”, soliciting sex in a hotel room had recently went viral online, charging as high as NT$100,000 for her services.

In the video, which seemed to have been secretly recorded in a hotel room – she had said that her services cost NT$70,000 in Taiwan, but will shoot up to NT$100,000 if she needs to leave the country. It was said that they couldn’t agree on prices, but stayed back to chat a little longer. She revealed that she has a ‘girlfriend’ vibe to her, and that her clients would usually book her for several days.

She also admitted of having given birth before, but said it was a c-section and not a natural birth, so she is still ‘tight’, hence the high price.

Liou had shot to face in 2014 after being called “really hot” by a public affairs commentator during a huge student protest, had also been accused of being involved in a cross-border vice ring.

She had allegedly arranged for three women to have sex with men in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan, earning commissions ranging from NT$40,000 (HK$9,660) to NT$60,000.

While she denied her involvement in the ring, calling the investigation a “waste of society’s resources”, she were reportedly admitted in December 2014 to having worked as a high-priced escort after tabloid Next Magazine said she may have solicited money for sex.

Instagram : djvia.l

Sunflower Movement starlet Johanne Liou, revealed by local Chinese tabloid Next Magazine to have allegedly solicited money for sex, admitted yesterday to having worked as a high-end escort.

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Liou, the “Sunflower Movement Queen,” a nickname she received after being photographed during the rallies, posted a handwritten confession note on her Facebook page saying that to make ends meet, she worked as a call girl after her daughter was born.

However, Liou said she has been “washed white” for a period of time and begged the media to stop harassing her family.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/djvia.l/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/johanne.y.liou

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