#TangkapLGE : Photos Of Lim Guan Eng Son Go Viral As Netizens Claim He Wore A RM350 000 Richard Mille Titanium Watch

According to The Star, Clint Lim Way Chau has recently come under fire on social media for allegedly wearing a watch that costs nearly RM350,000.

Messages accompanying these photos claim that the 25-year-old owns an expensive watch from designer Richard Mille, which is reportedly priced at a whopping US$89,995 (approx. RM349,000).

A short video began to circulate on social media, purporting to show Clint Lim Way Chau wearing a rather dashing Richard Mille titanium watch.

Clint has now categorically stated: “No, I don’t own that watch,” adding that he wishes he did. He clarified that he was wearing a T-Race model Tissot watch. The only similarity between the two is the bright red wristband they both share.

“That is not my watch. How I wish I can have that kind of watch”

Source : Coconut

Source : The Star

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