Malaysia: Taxi Drivers Threw Eggs At Innocent Woman's Car Thinking She's An Uber Driver - The Coverage

Malaysia: Taxi Drivers Threw Eggs At Innocent Woman’s Car Thinking She’s An Uber Driver

In another disgraceful sight of Malaysian taxi drivers, a woman had eggs threw at her car after angry drivers mistook her for an Uber driver as she picked up a friend for a school reunion in Petaling Jaya.

Voicing her discontent on Facebook, Sau Mun said she was happily picking up a friend from the Kelana Jaya LRT station one morning, to head to Paradigm Mall nearby to meet up with their secondary school friends. As her friend got on her car, uniformed men appeared behind her car and started throwing eggs at them.


It then hit her that the men were actually taxi drivers who mistook her for an Uber / Grab driver. She wanted to confront the men but later decided that two women would not be able to go against a group of angry taxi drivers. She later did a u-turn hoping to record the attackers, but by then they had already left the scene.

Uber and Grab drivers are required to place stickers on their vehicle to identify themselves, and Sau Mun had said that there are no such visuals on her vehicle. Even if she was, the taxi drivers had no right to attack her as the service were legal in Malaysia.



She argued that while she did not want anything to do with the taxi-Uber argument, now that she is a victim – she felt that she had to voice out this discontent over the bullying taxi drivers. How can Malaysians trust and feel safe around taxi drivers when they are acting as such?

Truly, the actions paint a terrible view of taxi drivers in Malaysia, and by venting their anger with innocent commuters and drivers – they are actually making things worse as Malaysians gradually disrespect taxi drivers by the day. Even myself would rather pay more for a ride-hailing service rather than taking a taxi, for comfort, service and my own safety.




  1. Michael Fernando

    November 6, 2018 at 08:50

    Dear Tun Mahathir this is the Taxi drivers who has been crying foul. They are the cause of Grab and Uber taking over the taxi business. They do not use taxi meters and fixed their own fare prices. When we counter offer the price they are very rude and tell you look for other taxis. They sit a wait for customers and do not move around, when approached by customer they pick and choose the destination. Some of them spend their time playing chess or cards. Some also like to take the customer on a merry go around. So this people must be educated and made to follow the regulation impose. Why blame the grab or uber they are also earning a honest living. Competition is healthy for the people when we have a choice of using public transport. This drivers must change their attitude and work hard. No people is dispensable and we should not let this people hold us to ransom. GBU

  2. ck tan

    November 9, 2018 at 21:01

    this is majority taxis driver habit! always think for free lunch. once miss 1 meal they feel that they do not deserves it! keep on complaint. shall we need to continue like this to support them (Taxis)

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