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    Young Singaporean Women Are Using This App To Broadcast Themselves Stripping – But Why?

    Singapore: It was meant to be an app where users get to show off their talent/s ‘live’, but college students in Singapore...

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    Malaysian UEC Student Demonstrating Voice Command System To Tun M In China

    Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad got to test out the first ever Proton SUV equipped with voice command system during his...

  • 8.0K

    RM70 Million From 1MDB Allegedly Used To Develop Najib App And Promote BN

    Following the 1MDB probe, a former special officer to Najib was arrested on June 24, right after he was done giving a...

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    PENANG: Couple Meets Man Up To Retrieve Lost Phone Only To Be Robbed In The End

    In this day and age, we do almost everything on our smartphones, losing our phone is almost like losing a part of...

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    Malaysia Has One of the Slowest Mobile 4G Speed, Whereas Singapore is Ranked Number One Globally

    If you have never experienced a true high-speed mobile internet, how would you know your current service is fast? Source: Tenor There are many things...

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    Pay to Use Toilet in Malaysia? People in China Pay to Use Elevator, RM0.12 Per Ride

    While many of us still complain about the need to pay public toilets a few nickels as entrance fees in Malaysia, people...

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    MALAYSIA: Man Electrocuted To Death Whilst Charging Smartphone With An Extension Cord

    Did your parents ever tell you not to use your phone when you’re charging it? While charging our phones is supposed to...

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    Capture The Memorable Moments Spent With Loved Ones

    Before camera phones were invented, people often record their precious moments in their minds and heart. Those times it was difficult to...

  • microsoft-and-amazon-employees-involve-in-illicit-sex-trade thumbnail microsoft-and-amazon-employees-involve-in-illicit-sex-trade thumbnail

    Microsoft and Amazon Employees Use Company’s Emails to Buy Sex From Trafficked Asian Women

    Many employees of Seattle big tech companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, T-Mobile, Boeing and more, were found to be involved in...

  • withdraw-money-with-just-your-phone withdraw-money-with-just-your-phone

    Forgot Your Wallet? Malaysian Man Shares How You Can Withdraw Cash from ATM with Just Your Phone

    Be it cellphone, keys or wallet, even the best of us would forget something after leaving the house. And this is exactly...

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    Apple Offers RM200 Battery Replacement Discount to iPhone 6 or Later Models as Apology for Slowing Down Its Performances

    For many years, tech enthusiasts and developers have suspected that Apple is intentionally slowing down older iPhone’s performances in order to drive...

  • sirim-power-bank-certification sirim-power-bank-certification

    Power Banks Soon to Go Through Certification by Sirim Before Selling at Malaysia Market

    The government will soon oversee another bank other than Bank Negara and that is power bank. Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry...

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    Chinese Woman’s iPhone X Unlocks by Physically Unalike Colleague in Every Attempt, Thinking All Asians Look Alike

    iPhone X, the promised device that would change the history of smartphones after Apple first debuted iPhone ten years ago. For once...

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    PICTURES: Japanese Love Dolls Are Looking More and More Like Real Humans

    Oh, Japan. The country where has no boundary in strangeness and innovation. Their advertisement is strangely entertaining and they invent strange but...

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