Chinese Woman's iPhone X Unlocks by Physically Unalike Colleague in Every Attempt, Thinking All Asians Look Alike - The Coverage

Chinese Woman’s iPhone X Unlocks by Physically Unalike Colleague in Every Attempt, Thinking All Asians Look Alike

iPhone X, the promised device that would change the history of smartphones after Apple first debuted iPhone ten years ago. For once after a long time, Apple has successfully re-innovated iPhone with a futuristic tech Face ID that allows you to unlock your phone by merely looking at it.

But can the tech holds up to what it acclaim to be?

Most of the time yes, but not for this woman surname Yan from China whom both her, first (then refunded) and second, iPhone Xs were successfully unlocked by her colleague, according to a South China Morning Post report.

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Yan told the media that after she bought her first iPhone X and configured the facial recognition feature, her colleague was able to unlock her new phone in every attempt. Yes, every attempt as if they were the same person.

After experiencing the faulty feature the first time, Yan called up Apple hotline to complain about the problem but the staff did not believe her. Therefore, Yan and the colleague went to the nearest Apple store to demonstrate how her colleague could unlock her phone despite only recorded her facial data.

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The staff admitted that the front-facing TrueDepth Camera might be faulty, thus refunded her purchase.

Yan, still believing in Apple, bought another iPhone X only to realize the phone was still able to be unlocked by her colleague! She got her refund again but the report didn’t reveal if Yan bought the phone the third time.

When requested to comment, Apple didn’t respond immediately.

10 year old son unlock mother's iphone x
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This is not the only time iPhone X’s Face ID is successfully unlocked by another person despite not having the second person facial data. A 10-year-old boy was able to unlock his mother’s iPhone X as seen in a viral YouTube video.

iphone x not twin compatible
Source: YouTube

Mashable also did a video where identical twins were able to unlock their sibling’s phone, proving that iPhone X isn’t twins compatible.

What did we learn here? If you are planning to buy an iPhone X, be sure to take all your friends and family to Apple store to test it out. Hahah… Or even enemies.

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News and cover photo source: South China Morning Post

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