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Malaysians: Want To Double Your Internet Speed With No Extra Charge? Here’s How

No, we’re not even joking. An internet speed upgrade is due for Malaysians, and we don’t even have to pay a single cent! To be able to benefit from it, however, you’ll need this.

Jib is getting no hate for making this decision this time around

This is in line with the news earlier in October, where Prime Minister Najib Razak got local internet service providers (ISPs) to double the internet speed in Malaysia without extra charge. While many argue that this should have been done much earlier, well at least we finally get it, right?

We don’t have news from other ISPs as of yet, but we do know that TM is planning their speed upgrade in stages starting January 2017. While most upgrades will be done automatically, there’s something you Unifi customers need to do before you get 2x the speed.

According to this report by, customers actually need to provide their consent to TM before the upgrade can be done according to a recently published FAQ on UniFi’s website. Fortunately, customers do not need to queue up in TMpoint to give their ‘consent’ or even call – all you need to do is to reply to the email or SMS they send you just before they upgrade.

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In some cases, TM will even call you personally to check if you are okay with the upgrade (and why wouldn’t you?).

To sweeten up the deal, the FAQ also made mention that Streamyx users are also not left out of the plan. Unfortunately, however, not everyone will be getting it – only around 100,000 users, out of the 1.45 million customers are eligible for the plan.

This is because all the customers who are located in the Sub-Urban Broadband (SUBB) areas, meaning Streamyx users in major cities might be out of the plan. Those who are eligible also had to go through some extra hassle – they will need to apply for the new package, which TM will unveil in June 2017, instead of an automatic upgrade.


Lowyat also learned that TM is setting up a special website for customers to check if they are eligible for a broadband update. However, the site is still not up yet, but at least you know where to go to when it is.

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Personally, I’m just happy that at least we’re looking at affordable internet moving forward!

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