The 17 Types Of Party Clubber You See In Malaysia Clubs

2 1. The Johnny Bravo These men are equivalent to the real life Johnny Bravo; they flirt with any girl they see, hoping to spend a night of passion with them at the local hotel after the club closes. They also often have little to their name, like their bank account balance, and live with their parents. 3 2. The Hitchhiker These men or ladies have no money and enter the club by only paying the cover charge. After they are inside, they hop from one table to another, socializing with those who have ordered drinks, particularly VIP tables, to get drinks from them. 4

These men and women go to the club with one purpose; and one purpose only- to hit on the opposite sex. They are basically the people you see in the club grinding and grabbing about in the club with strangers. Men of this category are extremely outgoing and daring while women of this category dress to impress and are basically hoping to be an open target to lustful men. 5 4. The Gold Digger These women come to the club and try to socialize among the VIP tables in hopes to meet a rich man or even find a sugar daddy. They can be seen flirting exceedingly without any boundaries. Basically anything that can get them a bigger credit card limit. 6 5. The ‘Unattached’ These men and women already have spouses or partners but boldly dance, grind, make out, and flirt with opposite sexes in the club. They may even bring a person they just met of the opposite sex to their hotel room at the end of the night. Maybe it’s the thrill of cheating? 7 6. The ‘Sampah Masyarakat’ These men and women basically have no jobs and no lives. They literally live to party. They sleep late, wake up late in the evening and have no social lives outside of the clubbing scene. 8 7. The ‘Daddy’s Money’ These youngsters use their father’s riches to boast in the club to gain repute or ‘respect’ in the club. They max out their fathers’ credit cards (which was given to them to use during emergencies) in one night, popping bottles of champagne because they want to impress their friends or maybe a girl they fancy. They are often armed with a stack load of cash, branded apparel from their parents’ wardrobe, and a coat they tailored to look ‘baller’. They also can be spotted easily, driving off in their fathers’ Ferrari that they sneak out when their fathers are out of town. It’s easy to call the bluff on these youngsters- just ask them what they do for a living, or rather, what their father did and how much was their pocket money. We guarantee they’ll have nothing to say.
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9 8. The Financially Insecure Clubber These clubbers have existing financial difficulties but yet, still choose to party every night. They don’t even have money for the club’s cover charge and can’t even buy a pack of cigarettes. Basically, they’re one step away from filling up a declaration of bankruptcy form at the bank. However, not wanting their ego bruised, they borrow money from their friends and families to pop bottles in the club. 10 9. The ‘Tag Along’ These individuals are found in VVIP areas of clubs. However, do not be mistaken, they are not VVIPs. They merely claim or look like as if they are high rollers but, truth to the matter is- they are simply acquaintances with a VVIP and simply joined their table. [caption id="attachment_1231" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Source : Forbes Source : Forbes[/caption] 10. The Socialist These individuals explicitly enter clubs with the sole purpose to meet new people. They try to socialize and network with those of a higher class than them and basically anyone that can help him or her in their climb up the corporate level and in life. 12 11. The ‘Babi Sombong’ Basically individuals who try to hard to show off. They act as if their grandfathers were the founding fathers of clubbing. They deliberately open too many bottles- but not to drink them, but rather to establish his financial dominance in the club or amongst his peers. Can be seen taking photos with women every 5 minutes to post on Instagram the next day to compensate for their pitiful love life. 13 12. The ‘Equalizer’ Testosterone filled men who think they are badass because they can curl 10kg dumbbells at the gym. Can be spotted wearing sleeveless shirts and trying to start fights outside the club. These men act normal in front of their peers until a woman is in their company. Once a woman is in range of his douchebag radar, he activates his shield and flexes all his muscle until the woman disappears from his sight. These guys need to chill, serious. Flex any harder and you’ll sh*t yourself.
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14 13. The Over-Confident Drinker Individuals who can’t drink for spit and have a low tolerance for alcohol but yet act as if they can finish a whole bottle of Smirnoff in one gulp. These individuals undergo the same fascinating process every time they are in the club. Here at The Coverage Bureau, we have developed a flowchart for these over-confident drinkers: They drink > friends ask them to take it easy > asks friends to piss off > proceeds to drink more > tries to force his friends to drink more and hope they get as tipsy as them> gets sh*t-faced and chokes on their own vomit > gets dragged home by friends > wakes up the next day and promises to never drink ever again > repeat 15 14. The ‘Shady Man’ They look creepy and can be found lurking in lonely corners of the club, scrolling down their Facebook feed- only looking up and scanning the crowd every few minutes to look at women. Checking out women is completely fine. The thing is though, they don’t just check out women. They literally stare at them and undress them in their minds and it’s creepy. It’s as if they might just stroll up to a woman and sneak a pill in their drink while they aren’t looking. 16 15. The Highschool Fresh-Grad These are the easiest to spot and we’re sure that everyone that has been to the club has seen at least one of these guys. They are basically highschool students who want a taste of the nightlife, so they pool their money to bribe the club bouncer and open a couple of beers. They are a completely awkward bunch and look as if they are trying to blend in. Easiest way to spot them is by waiting for the DJ to drop the bass. You can notice that they will try to raise their hands for a few seconds for the bass drop but drop their hands after a few seconds because they realize that they are actually dancing out of tempo to the music and that they feel really awkward.
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1 16. The ‘Rave Master’ These clubbers go to the clubs to just enjoy the music. They don’t drink or socialize. They just dance their worries away to the music. They drown out their entire surroundings and enjoy the music. These clubbers are often alone on the dance floor, as their peers often can’t keep up with their stamina to dance on the dance floor for hours at end. It’s easy to spot them though. Anyone with their eyes constantly closed and banging their heads away with the music alone in the crowd is probably a ‘rave master’. 17 17. The ‘Mat Salleh’ They are basically tourists who want a taste of Malaysia’s nightlife. Most of them are extremely well built and are extremely good looking. Men at the club hate them because they steal our local girls from under our fingernails that easily whereas women love them because well, they’re gorgeous and chances are, have a thick wad of cash to spend on them. Some guys try to compete with these tourists for women whereas some guys just join the winning side. These men just socialize with the tourists and hope that their new friends can hook them up with a local girl.

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