The Coverage’s August 2017 Pick: Raechel Chong – The Fearless Celebrity-Entrepreneur

Even when she was just 9 years old, she was making extra pocket money through entrepreneur ways. Raechel grew up rather independently as she was taken care of by her paternal grandmother and had very less interaction with her siblings. It pretty much explains why she is a hustler, doesn’t it?   Her first time venturing in the world of entrepreneurship, she had built a ‘convenient kiosk’ right in front of her house. From tadpoles, guppies, eggs, flowers, stationeries to marbles, this young lady was selling anything and (almost) everything. Sadly, after 3 months of ‘operation’, a huge thunderstorm blew her ‘convenient kiosk’. Though Raechel was left devastated, it clearly did not ‘kill’ her entrepreneur guts.   As she grew up, her goals shifted a little bit and at 17 years old, she joined a local movie production house, HVD, only to find herself not suited for the movie making industry. The rough times seemed like it wasn’t going away that soon either as Raechel’s beloved grandmother passed away leaving her in a tight spot, financially. Despite feeling lost, hopeless, and desperate, this hustler kicked off her online bag trading business and that was the start of her real venture in entrepreneurship. You may wonder, “How can someone have so much ‘force’ in her?”

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Well, the answer is simple…Raechel’s greatest strength is the lack of fear for things unknown.

“Whenever I embark upon any new ventures, I normally would not allow myself to be intimidated by the challenges facing me and my team.”

And pretty much just like many entrepreneurs, she faces difficulties in managing her time as there are many commitments that she juggles in one go. As there are many things to tackle in a day, it is only expected for some flares to go off once in a while and that’s why Raechel hopes that she can develop more patience for the better of her friends, team members and future. Please don’t think that Raechel is a rigid person…in fact she is just a woman with a hustler charm. On the days when things are bad, she quickly grabs an ice cream to make herself feel better. See…she is just a feminine as any other woman.   Besides looking absolutely flawless, Raechel is also the founder of Elegante Muse International (EMI). EMI is a resource sharing platform that focuses on creating unique networking among businesses and corporations. Of course, being an inspirational entrepreneur herself, Raechel wishes to celebrate and recognise other outstanding entrepreneurs across the industries with her first event, Grandeur & Elegante International Business Award (that is open for nominations now…for more info click HERE). She wishes to help these entrepreneurs to get more exposure so that they can expand their reach and network for more opportunities. It was never an easy ride for Raechel either in this industry as there were many naysayers and disbelievers. She constantly fends off these negative vibes to keep her team’s spirit up. Well, Raechel…we know that you are doing a great job and believe that you will do many more great things in the near future too! We also asked Raechel to share one of the best advises that she had received and believe it or not, the best words came from her dear grandmother;
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“When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from.”

As an ending note, we at The Coverage Malaysia, would like to wish you all the best in your ventures and hope that you will be able to travel to Iceland soon to view the magnificent Aurora first hand!  

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1 Comment

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