The Coverage’s February 2017 Pick: Adelina Chan – A Photogenic Queen With An Adventurous Twist!!!

I guess it’s safe to say that Penang has once again blessed Malaysia with another beauty. Despite being raised in Kuala Lumpur for most of her life, she still hangs on to her precious origins as she insists that Penang beaches are the best and the food is just heavenly there. Nothing compares to it. The Miss Photogenic had always had her peach blossoms on the positive side hence explains why she had more guy friends than girls, though her best friend is a female. So, it is also not surprising that she has the edgy side to her too! One fun fact about Adelina is that she is able to twist her arm 360 degrees! How cool is that? Can you do it? At a very young age, Adelina has always imagined herself to be as successful as her family members and friends and this implantation of thought had led her to where she is now. Despite not knowing her exact direction in life, she was pretty determined to achieve and be successful in anything that she could try out. That’s when Adelina took her first steps in modelling which consequently led her to host and acting roles just as she started her college life.

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For this cheerful beauty, learning new things wasn’t the challenge, sticking to the ‘routine’ of it was the hard part. She truly believes that only with practice that one could make anything perfect and there’s only a challenge when it is risky. Of course, in her dictionary, there’s only room for SUCCESS! She doesn’t try to impress others as her main goal is to amaze herself as by then she would have been able to prove that she can actually do what she had put her mind to. Behind each of her powerful step, there was her dad who always stood in amazement and pride whenever Adelina succeeds in her task. This two basically shares the whole “love-hate” relationship as they constantly try to prove to each other that either one of them is right and to make them accept the other’s perception on things. Well, at the very least, he agrees that Adelina is amazing in her own ways! There are only 3 ways of describing this vixen, adventurous, urban and daring! Even she thinks that a flying horse, a rare and unique being, would represent herself and her lifestyle perfectly. I can definitely see the burning desire that this woman has. Her determination is pure gold! And 10 years from now, she pledged that she will be more successful than she is now as she would have achieved all of her goals by then and even expand a business or two. Adelina is thrilled at the thought that she can actually encourage other women to be just as successful as any other man. Here are a few more fun facts of our dearest February pick:
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  • She laughs when watching horror movies
  • She loves Muay Thai, hiking and travelling
  • Every Malaysian dish and desserts are her guilty pleasure food
  • She plans to own a zoo in her house
Adelina doesn’t leave us hanging when we asked her what would she advise our readers to be as successful as her, and she was quite generous too!
“Be what you want, do what love and don’t listen to those people that always discourage you. Be adhere to continue to do and prove them wrong.” “Research more on your favourite idol or the person you that inspire you.” “Start to practice when the moment you know this what you want or what you want to be.”
Special credits to BKL Photography and  Ah Tat (MUA).

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